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Congratulations to Khasim Mohammed for 5 years at Linaro
5 Year Award, Khasim Mohammed, Linaro
We would like to congratulate Khasim Mohammed for making a difference in open source at Linaro for 5 years.
Linux Kernel & Device Drivers, Android HAL & Frameworks, Open Hardware Platforms
Khasim has 12+ years of rich experience on Linux Kernel & device drivers for ARM SOCs. Khasim started his career as a Linux kernel developer for TI's OMAP (1,2,3) series of processors, he ported latest kernels to new TI SOC platforms, developing & up streaming of various device drivers to Khasim contributed significantly to TI's open source initiatives, he was one of the core team member that conceptualized & developed Khasim in his previous role at Texas Instruments was leading the Android development team, bringing substantial revenue & growth to TI's Sitara business by identifying non-mobile segments for Android, interacting with customers & solving issues by customizing & optimizing the Android software stack to meet the requirements, helping world wide FAEs to ramp customers to production. Khasim is a well known speaker on Android, has delivered keynote at Android builders summit, DroidCon, Droid Summit, etc. Khasim is also a maintainer of
Khasim Syed Mohammed
Senior Engineer
Developer Services
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2019-04-05 09:00:00 +0000
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