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Congratulations to Victor Chong for 5 years at Linaro
5 Year Award, Victor Chong, Linaro
We would like to congratulate Victor Chong for making a difference in open source at Linaro for 5 years.
Solutions and Support, Security, Toolchains, Golf
"Telecommunications and networking, assisting in academic research in mobile communication systems, and configuring network devices, before moving on to Linux device drivers and user apps for set-top boxes, Smart TVs and other embedded systems. Interested and professionally certified in security, and done work implementing DRMs using TrustZone and GlobalPlatform certified TEE solutions. Currently supporting member companies in SWG and TCWG related matters. Certifications: CCNA Cyber Ops, Mobile App Security+ (Android, iOS), CEH, Security+, CCNP Security, NCSS, CCNA RS, Network+"
Victor Chong
Senior Engineer
Developer Services
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2019-04-05 09:00:00 +0000
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