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2012-04-12 23:24:19 -0700
Announcements and release notes for Linaro GDB 7.4 2012.04
Linaro GDB 7.4 2012.04 released

The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the release of Linaro GDB 7.4 2012.04.

Linaro GDB 7.4 2012.04 is the second release in the 7.4 series. Based off the latest GDB 7.4, it includes a number of Arm-focused bug fixes and enhancements.

Interesting changes include:

  • gdbserver can now be compiled with Android's toolchain.

  • Additional fixes from the GDB 7.4 branch, one of them being that it doesn't require makeinfo to build anymore.

The source tarball is available at:

More information on Linaro GDB is available at:

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