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2012-05-23 07:26:03 -0700
The list of demos being offered at the Q2.12 Linaro Connect event in Hong Kong during the Demo Friday event on 1 June 2012 is now available.
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Connect Events
Can't Miss Demos at Linaro Connect in Hong Kong Announced

With the Q2.12 Linaro Connect starting on Monday 28 May, the list of Demos available for the public see and participate in during the Demo Friday event on 1 June is now available.

Demos include:

  • Big.LITTLE in-kernel Switcher (Linaro)

  • SIProp – Combat Scouter – How much your Combat Power? (SIProp)

  • Android Toolchain Improvements (Linaro)

  • Origen Running Awesome Code (Linaro)

  • Snowball with MM enablement (Linaro)

  • Tizen on Snowball (Linaro)

  • Google+ Hangouts on an Arm Board (Linaro)

  • Low-Cost Logic Analyzer (Linaro)

  • XBMC on Snowball - ST Ericsson Snowball (Linaro)

  • (Ubuntu) Unity 3D on Snowball (Linaro)

  • Ubuntu TV on Snowball (Linaro)

  • PCM (Phase Change Memory) : Linaro kernel meets with the PCM technology (Micron)

  • Arm DS-5 & Linaro (Arm)

As you can see engineers from Linaro will be giving the majority of these demos, but we will also have engineers from Arm, MICRON, SIPRop, and others who will be joining in as well. For links to the demo posters and more information about this event please see the Demo Friday page on the Linaro Connect Website.

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