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2012-12-28 10:35:13 -0800
Join Linaro CTO, David Rusling and Tim Wesselman of HP's HyperScale Business Unit on Monday 7 January 2013 as the discuss, 'Openness, Why it is not optional'.
Linaro, Linux on Arm, Open Source, Linaro On Air, Hangouts on Air, Openness, Discussion 2013
Hangouts on Air
Linaro Hangouts on Air: Openness, Why it is Not Optional

UPDATE: The time for this hangout has been changed to 18:00UTC/1300EST/10:00PST.

Mark your calendars, add Linaro OnAir to your Google+ Circles and plan on joining the discussion in our Bi-Monthly Hangouts where topics are suggestions and the conversations are limited only by the host(s) and guest(s). However, most of these conversations will be tied to Linaro, Arm, Open Source and other topics suggested by our developers, members, and community, so tell us what you want to discuss.

Our first 2013 Hangout on Air  is scheduled for Monday, 7 January at 13:00 UTC 18:00 UTC and the topic of discussion will be 'openness, why it is not optional' with Linaro CTO, David Rusling and Tim Wesselman of HP's HyperScale Business Unit.

We are still ironing out the details and lining up the guests for the other hangouts in 2013, but as soon as we lock in the topics of discussion and the guests we will announce those here on the Linaro Blog, across our social media and create a Google+ event as well.

More about the 'Openness, Why it is Not Optional' Hangout can be found on our Linaro OnAir Event Page.

To stay up to date with upcoming Linaro Hangouts on Air be sure to add Linaro OnAir to your circles.  You can also find out more about what is happening in and around Linaro by following us on Twitter, circling us on  Google+ and liking us Facebook.

Do you have a topic suggestion for our Hangouts On Air?  Is there a guest you would like to attend and contribute to the discussion; then let us know.

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