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2014-03-04 09:30:15 -0800
Review of all the activities that took place on Tuesday of LCA14
Connect Events
Linaro Connect
Linux on Arm
Open Source
LCA14 - Tuesday Recap

Linaro Connect continued on Tuesday with two guest keynote speakers. First up was Sreekant Kotay, SVP- Chief Software Architect at Comcast. Mr. Kotay gave a talk on how the open source community and modern development models are re-shaping the feature velocity and security models for embedded devices like set-top boxes, cable modems and gateways.  Following Mr. Kotay was Pradeep Kathail, Chief Network Architect for Cisco. Mr. Kathail gave a presentation titled “Open Network Environment: Software Defined Networking & Beyond”.  He spoke about Software Defined Networking (SDN) as a new approach to networking, complementing traditional network architectures. SDN aims at the normalization of network configuration and control through open programmatic interfaces to individual network devices as well as to the whole network.


Tuesday March 4, 2014 **[Keynote- Sreekant Kotay](** **[Slides](** **[Video](** (YouTube) [**Video**** **]( Server)
Tuesday March 4, 2014 **[Keynote – Pradeep Kathail](** [Slides]( [**Video**]( (YouTube)* begins at 20:05 **[Video](** (Linaro Server)* begins at 20:05
After the opening keynotes concluded all the attendees gathered for our traditional group photo.

{% include image.html name="group-photo-LCA14.jpg" alt="Group Photo at LCA14" %}

Group Photo at LCA14

Once group photo was taken the sessions for the day began. Tuesday was full day of sessions, whether you were interested in Linux Kernel, Tools, Automation and Validation, Android, Power management and many others there was something on the agenda for you. Below are the videos and presentations from those sessions.   

Tuesday  March 4, 2014
[**LCA14-201: 64-bit GNU & LLVM Toolchains Status & Directions**]( [**Download **]( [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**** **]( Server)
[**LCA14-202: Arm-SOC: Status and Directions**]( [**Download **]( [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-203: Introduction to CI @ Linaro 1 of 3**]( [** Download **]( [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-204: Introduction to CI @ Linaro 2 of 3**]( [**Download**]( slides [**Video**** **]( Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-205: Optimizing SQLite for Android mobile**]( [**Download**]( slides [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-206: Scheduler tooling and benchmarking**]( [**Download**]( slides [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-207: ACPI AML usage and ASL guidelines**]( [**Download**]( slides [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-208: Introduction to CI @ Linaro 3 of 3**]( [**Download**]( slides [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-209: ODP Project Update**]( [**Download**]( slides [**Video**]( (You Tube) [**Video**]( (Linaro Server)
[**LCA14-210: ETM/ETB/Coresight**]( [**Download**]( slides No Video Available No Video Available
Wednesday LCA14 will continue with more great sessions and two more keynote speakers. Xinwei Hu from Huawei will give a presentation on “Profiling server workload for Arm64” followed by Cole Crawford, Executive Director, of the Open Compute Project Foundation. 

Tomorrow the Linaro “Bond Themed” gala dinner takes place so look for some great photos of our attendees J

As always if you are unable to attend you can participate remotely and by watching sessions via the Google +Linaro On Air  or YouTube accounts.  There will be links to the live stream in each session descriptions.   For more information on Remote Participation please visit the Linaro Connect website.

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