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2015-09-23 20:33:57 -0700
Overview of the keynotes and sessions that took place during day 3 of Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015.
Overview of the keynotes, announcement and sessions that took place during day 3 of Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015.
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Linaro Connect
Day 3 of Linaro Connect SFO15

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Day 3 of Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015 was a day dedicated to Arm Server Ecosystem. The morning began with two keynotes focused on this topic. After the keynotes there were several sessions held during the day with guest speakers for the LEG server ecosystem day, with topics ranging from CoreOS, LXD Docker & Ubuntu Snappy, Arm64, Docker images for Arm server and Realtime Streaming Analytics.

The first keynote speaker of the day was Dr. Suresh Gopalakrishnan who is the corporate vice president and general manager of AMD’s server business. Dr. Gopalakrishnan gave a keynote titled "Enabling Arm Server for the Datacenter". He discussed how the key to enabling Arm server technology in the datacenter is all about the software. He then went on to talk about each of the different areas that need to be addressed.

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The second keynote of the day was given by Tiger Hu, architect of Alibaba Infrastructure Service. The title of the keynote was "Cloud Computing Infrastructure of the DT Era".

Following the keynotes the attendees were able to choose from several different tracks of sessions. Below are some of the sessions that have materials available.

**Session ID** **Session Title** **Track** **URL to Session Information**
SFO15-300K2: Suresh Gopalakrishnan, AMD Keynote [](
SFO15-300K3: Tiger Hu - Alibaba Keynote [](
SFO15-301: Benchmarking Best Practices 101 General [](
SFO15-306: Kernel Consolidation 2.0 - Let's make it happen!  Kernel [](
SFO15-307: Advanced Toolchain Usage Part 5  Tools [](
SFO15-309: Expanding security choices panel: DRM and CA interoperability Security [](
SFO15-310: Advanced Toolchain Usage Part 6  Tools [](
SFO15-311: ConfigFS Gadget - An Introduction  Mobile [](

Tomorrow is Linaro Networking Group day and the keynotes will both focused on networking. First up is Dave Neary from Red Hat that will give a talk titled "An NFV Primer: The Next Generation for Telco" following Dave will be Roger Casals from Symantec Corporation who will give a keynote titled "Security and Trust in a Mobile World". To learn more about the agenda tomorrow please visit:

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