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2015-09-24 17:20:25 -0700
Overview of the keynotes and sessions that took place during day 4 of Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015.
Overview of the keynotes, announcement and sessions that took place during day 4 of Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015.
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Linaro Connect
Day 4 of Linaro Connect SFO15

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Linaro Connect San Francisco 2015 day four was another packed day of keynotes and sessions as well as demos. Thursday was a day dedicated to Linaro Networking Group and included many sessions focused on Open Data Plane, Kernel & Core as well as an afternoon of demos for attendees to view.

Both of the morning keynotes were centered around networking. First up wa Dave Neary who works on SDN and NFV community strategy as a member of Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards team and is active in OPNFV. Dave's talk was titled "An NFV Primer: The Next Generation for Telco". He spoke about changes in the Telco industry and how the industry is more competitive than ever. He then went on to talk about the promise of NFV.

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The second keynote of the day was given by Roger Casals from Symantec, who gave a talk titled "Security and Trust in a Mobile World" touching on both the theme for the day of networking and the Connect overarching theme of Security.

Following the keynotes the attendees were able to choose from several different tracks of sessions. Below are some of the sessions that have materials available.

**Session ID** **Session Title** **Track** **URL to Session Information**
SFO15-400K2: Dave Neary - An NFV Primer: The Next Generation for Telco Keynote [](
SFO15-400K3: Roger Casals - Security and Trust in a Mobile World Keynote [](
SFO15-401: Mainline on form-factor devices / Improving AOSP  Mobile [](
SFO15-402: Architecture & Use of “openCSD” Arm CoreSight Trace decode library  Tools [](
SFO15-403: Current state of the LAVA dispatcher Refactoring  Validation [](
SFO15-406: Arm FDPIC toolset, kernel & libraries for Cortex-M & Cortex-R mmuless cores Tools [](
SFO15-411: Energy Aware Scheduling: Power vs. Performance policy  Power Management [](

Be sure to check back in tomorrow for the final day of Linaro Connect. Tomorrow will start out with a keynote by Karen Sandler on "Ideology in Open Source Compliance" following that will be a Security Panel discussion. To learn more about the agenda tomorrow please visit:

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