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2018-03-21 02:50:00 -0700
Highlights of Day Three at HKG18
Here is a brief summary of the highlights from Ecosystem Day at Linaro Connect HKG18.
HKG18, Arm, Linux, Kernel, Linaro, Open Source, Machine Learning, AI, 96Boards, Cloud, Edge Computing, Microsoft, Microsoftazure, Xilinx, FPGA, Data centre, Hyper Scale, X96
HKG18, Arm, Linux, Kernel, Linaro, Open Source, Machine Learning, AI, 96Boards, Cloud, Edge Computing, Microsoft, Microsoftazure, Xilinx, FPGA, Data centre, Hyper Scale, X96
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Highlights of Ecosystem Day at Linaro Connect HKG18

Ecosystem Day has arrived! Ecosystem Day brought together the leading Arm vendors, end users and the open source development community in Hong Kong to discuss the latest products, developments and open source software support. It was a day filled with sessions on best practises, practical workshops, demonstrations and technology outlooks by experts from the Arm ecosystem.

We started the third day of Linaro Connect with two keynotes from Microsoft Azure and Xilinx.

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Leendert van Doorn from Microsoft gave a keynote on Azure - a huge set of servers with a presence on every single continent apart from Antartica. He started the keynote by talking us through Microsoft's data evolution and how Microsoft has improved power usage effectiveness (pue) of its data centres over the years. Now on the sixth generation, Microsoft is in the process of evaluating Arm servers for their data centres, a process which involves addressing Arm server challenges such as the necessity for platform standardization and ensuring scale is increased while complexity is reduced. To view the recording of this keynote, click here.

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Following the Microsoft Azure keynote we had Tomas Evensen from Xilinx present on platforms enabling the future of Embedded Machine Learning. In particular Tomas discussed field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and how they can be used to provide flexibility alongside advanced processor architectures. The benefit with FPGAs is that the same board can be used for lots of different things, enabling developers to address the every increasing range of applications. Tomas also talked about the Ultra96 board which Xilinx recently launched with the program. The board is available to pre-order here. To watch the recording of this keynote, click here.

After the keynotes we had a lots of great sessions from experts in the Arm ecosystem, including Arm, Alibaba, Antfin, Baidu, GCC, HiSilicon, Qualcomm, Red Hat, Renessas, Shippable, Socionext and Xilinx. Videos and slides will be uploaded on the Resources page shortly. We also had more giveaways, this time from Arm and Red Hat - thank you both for sponsoring Linaro Connect HKG18!

Thursday 22 March we will see keynotes from Kenneth Lee, HiSilicon and Shane Coughlan from OpenChain Project. All keynotes are livestreamed on Linaro's youtube channel here. The keynotes will be followed by sessions on a wide range of topics, including AI, Machine learning, LAVA, QEMU, power management, Device Tree and IoT. All session recordings and slides will be made available on the Linaro Connect resources page.

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