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Women in STEM - Month of May Collaboration
2018-04-19 01:01:54 +0000
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Sole focus on Women in STEM at 96Boards OpenHours in May

In May we will celebrate womens achievements in STEM! Women are a minority in technology and science, even more so in Open Source. Linaro and 96Boards want to focus attention on women in STEM, championing their achievements and encouraging others to follow suite.

96Boards Openhours host Robert Wolff will be handing over hosting duties to Lisa Nguyen, a Linaro Engineer who works on power management in the Core Engineering Team. Throughout May she will be interviewing women in technology.

How did these women end up in STEM? What challenges did they face? How can we do a better job of increasing representation of women in STEM? These are all areas Lisa and her guests will discuss during our Women in STEM series in May.

Watch this space as we announce our interviewees over the upcoming days.. We hope to see you on May the 3rd!

To attend OpenHours, click here

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