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Join us at the AI & Neural Networks on Arm Summit
2018-08-21 09:00:00 +0000
Linaro is hosting an AI and Neural Networks on Arm Summit on Wednesday 19 September at Linaro Connect YVR18, Hyatt Regency Vancouver.
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At Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2018, Linaro CEO George Grey announced the strategic initiative Machine Intelligence. The aim of the initiative is to provide best in class deep learning performance by leveraging neural network acceleration in IP and SoCs from the Arm Ecosystem. This will be achieved through collaboration on the most widely available AI/ML Software frameworks and libraries.

To kickstart these efforts, we will be hosting an AI & Neural Networks on Arm Summit on Wednesday 19 September at Linaro Connect YVR18 (Hyatt, Vancouver). For just $45, you can attend the full summit - watch keynotes by thought leaders within this space and discuss issues and opportunities.

There will be sessions on the latest AI technologies available in edge and consumer devices from the Arm ecosystem and how these accelerate deep learning applications, leveraging the most widely adopted AI frameworks:

  1. Inference on NPU, GPU, DSP and CPU
  2. AI/ML frameworks and NN formats
  3. NN HAL plug-in frameworks

If you are not already attending Linaro Connect and want to attend the summit, you will need to register. To find out more or register, click here.

We hope to see you there!

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