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96Boards Product Development & Support
96Boards, HiKey, Dragonboard, Poplar, BSP, AOSP, Linux, Zephyr, kernel, bootloader, UEFI, U-Boot, Arm Trusted Firmware

Linaro Developer Services has a wealth of experience with Linaro's 96Boards program. We have developed the complete BSP for several boards and have provided aid to many other board and SoC manufacturers. We offer the following services:

  • Architecture and design consultancy

  • Board enablement and bring-up services

    • Vast experience enabling hardware for embedded product use
    • Consumer, Server, TV Platform, and IoT boards
  • Secure boot architecture design and implementation

    • Arm Trusted Firmware, UEFI, U-Boot
    • Secure IoT boot on Zephyr
  • Kernel development, maintenance and long term support

    • Linux, Zephyr and other RTOS
  • BSP development, maintenance and long term support

    • Several 96Boards supported in AOSP
    • Boards with Debian and OE support
    • Supported boards fully upstream
      • Bootloaders, kernels, OS changes

Let Linaro Developer Services help provide superb software support for your 96Board.

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