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Hands on Training
BSP’s, Builds and Support
training, Linux, Arm, open source, onsite, remote, mentoring, tailored to needs

Linaro Developer Services provides customized training on a variety of topics.

  • Expert Instructors who are real world engineers

    • Delivering hands-on training on Linux and Arm technology
  • Flexible delivery

    • training delivered onsite or remotely
  • Training structured to your team needs

    • Mentoring available
  • Examples include

    • Upstreaming, both introductory and advanced sessions
    • Advanced kernel debugging techniques and tools
    • EAS: Introduction and tuning
    • Arm Trusted Firmware, Secure boot and PSCI
    • Armv8 for Armv7 kernel programmers
    • Introduction to OPTEE and using it for DRM
    • Introduction to OE/Yocto
  • We have trained many engineers in key areas such as OP-TEE, Energy Aware Scheduler, Arm Trusted Firmware, Power Management, Open Source development and many other topics

Contact Linaro Developer Services to discuss your training needs today.

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