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Linaro Telco & Network (LTN)
Martin Stadtler
Linaro Telco & Network (LTN)
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Networking used to be a pretty simple affair with servers talking to clients all connected by hardware switches and routers. Changes were planned out in advance and rolled out in a megalithic form.

In modern times though with virtualisation, containers, EDGE, and other cloud technologies, we are dealing with a fast moving, constantly changing network topology. For this new world, technologies like Open vSwitch (OVS), Virtual Packet Processing (VPP) are being developed to connect these various sub nodes in an efficient manner allowing network topology to be changed on demand. On the application side the context switch between user space and kernel was proving expensive so technologies like Dataplane Development Kit (DPDK) evolved into being the network stack in the same context as the application. For containers there is the Container Network Initiative (CNI) which is working on efficient transfer of data between containers so services can be deployed in their own container.

Linaro has established the Telco and Network Special Interest Group (SIG) to drive the adoption of Arm in the Telco and Network through standardisation, interoperability, orchestration and use case development