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Linaro is consistently listed as one of the top five contributors worldwide to the Linux Kernel and works on more than 70 open source projects.
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Join Linaro to accelerate the deployment of your Arm-based solutions
Linaro is consistently listed as one of the top five contributors worldwide to the Linux Kernel and works on more than 70 open source projects.
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The value of Linaro and open source collaboration

Thomas Molgaard - Director of Product Management at Arm

Jon Masters - Computer Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat

Larry Wikelius - Vice President, Ecosystem and Partner Enabling at Marvell

Projects Linaro contributes to:

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Membership Benefits

Enable differentiation with open source
Accelerate development and reduce costs
Boost your engineering with Linaro’s software expertise

Members & Partners

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To view Linaro members by level of engagement, click here.


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To view 96Boards members by level of engagement, click here.

Levels of Engagement

Membership of Linaro is open to all interested companies, including Arm licensees, device companies using Arm processors, software distributions and other companies who wish to influence the future of open source on Arm. Members all provide funding for Linaro and some levels provide engineering assignees. To learn more about our membership please see: [Membership Rules of Linaro]( and the [Articles of Association](

There are multiple levels of membership and different ways to engage in projects that Linaro runs. Core and Club membership provide influence and participation across everything Linaro does, others levels provide a route into engagement on focused activities. The current groups include LDCG, LITE, LEDGE and LCG; current SIGs are ODP, HPC and LTNS; current incubators are AI/ML and Automotive; and current projects include 96Boards, DeviceTree, LAVA, LKFT, OP-TEE and Trusted Firmware.

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