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XOmBot is a IRC bot written in ruby meant to lurk in #xomb. Right now XOmBot accepts the following commands:

  • !commands: will list the commands XOmBot listens for

  • !help [command]: queries what a command will do

  • !google [phrase] for [nick]: Sends a link to nick

  • !coinflip: flips a coin

  • !santa: Asks Santa if the bot has been naught or nice

  • !d: rolls a die with n sides

  • !roll [n]d[[+|-]n]: rolls several dice with bonuses

  • !joke: hear a funny joke

  • !answer: get the answer to the last funny joke

  • !tweet [id]: displays the tweet with that id

  • !rstatus [id]: displays the rstatus update with that id

  • !aww, !corgi, !kitty, !puppy, !capybara, !sloth, !guinea-pig, !bunny: find a cute picture from imgur

  • !define [word]: will attempt to define a given word

  • !hello: will respond in kind

  • !seen [person]: reports the last moment a given person spoke

  • !time [location]: gives the local time in the given city

  • !weather [expression]: gives the forecast for the given city

  • !m [name]: gives a little motivational love: You're doing good work, name!

  • !h5 [name]: gives name a high five!

XOmBot has the following behaviors in addition to the commands:

  • says “brains…” when mentioned

  • responds dumbly to social cues

  • displays the title of any valid http:// urls displayed in the channel