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Feature/ruby #5

merged 45 commits into from Mar 14, 2012

3 participants

wilkie commented Feb 5, 2012


jackiekircher and others added some commits Jan 24, 2012
@jackiekircher jackiekircher gg=G 554b2df
@jackiekircher jackiekircher make XOmBot tell jokes!
(ugly implementation)
@jackiekircher jackiekircher add !joke and !answer to !commands and the README 36274c7
@wilkie wilkie Initial Ruby rewrite. 8faa4aa
@wilkie wilkie Adding better code layout. 2e9a372
@wilkie wilkie Adding base plugin class. 793094e
@wilkie wilkie Restructure plugin interface to be more flexible. 5728469
@wilkie wilkie Automatically load all plugins a153fa5
@wilkie wilkie Commands with no help strings need to return empty hashes. 324e583
@wilkie wilkie Adding simple coinflip plugin. fe1df8b
@wilkie wilkie Adding a URL announcer plugin. afe62e1
@wilkie wilkie Adding a seen (when is the last time a user spoke) plugin. 8560ade
@wilkie wilkie Adding automated joke plugin. 86c58f5
@wilkie wilkie Fixing !commands plugin to gracefully show regular expressions. e9b39d6
@wilkie wilkie Adding more sophisticated coinflipping. f105c13
@wilkie wilkie No punctuation in help strings. 36932b1
@wilkie wilkie Added usage output and truncated commands listing. 609527a
@wilkie wilkie Added help command. 856302f
@wilkie wilkie Patching Cinch to write out action messages from Message. f9f67ce
@wilkie wilkie Adding the emotional center of XOmBot :) e71baa5
@wilkie wilkie Let Me Google That For You plugin. a3cfc93
@wilkie wilkie Print out regular expression syntax for !help 37cb716
@wilkie wilkie Added a dice roller. b46a77a
@wilkie wilkie Added usage to !seen f0a186d
@wilkie wilkie Adding usage to help, for some reason. ba3a9d7
@wilkie wilkie Refactor regex for !coinflip slightly. 7a0ac88
@wilkie wilkie Adding better default constants. 26799cf
@wilkie wilkie Adding .gitignore 5149e71
@wilkie wilkie Adding configuration file. 83036a4
@wilkie wilkie Add code to read configuration file. be259f1
@wilkie wilkie Fixing up config file reading. 041fd44
@wilkie wilkie Fixing issue with getting the name in plugins. f5e74a7
@wilkie wilkie Fixing usage of instance variables for configuration. d19af5f
@wilkie wilkie Adding more emotive responses to XOmBot. 087442d
@wilkie wilkie README to better reflect current behavior 8f8a525
@wilkie wilkie Fixing simple bug in emotion plugin. 4719264
@wilkie wilkie Sanitizing titles for URLAnnounce. 6a8d608
@wilkie wilkie Going to need to get a session with every joke since the cookie will
@wilkie wilkie More brains in joke plugin. 20e6513
@wilkie wilkie Jokes are stored per channel. 5e1415c
@wilkie wilkie Fixing URLAnnounce plugin to only display titles for webpages. 4f30230
@wilkie wilkie Added an ignore command. 6d31090
@wilkie wilkie Reciprocate aggression toward XOmBot. 0d91006
@wilkie wilkie Adds the LocalTime plugin that queries the local time of a given city. cbc36c5
@wilkie wilkie Fixes dice rolls so that bonuses only apply at the end of a roll. a4083f5
@LindseyB LindseyB merged commit a4083f5 into LindseyB:master Mar 14, 2012
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