Python script to generate gifs from star wars
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Star Wars DOT Gif

To Use

Copy the contents of config.cfg.example into config.cfg and make sure to change the paths for VLC and the Star Wars episodes. Any format that can be read by VLC should be acceptable for the movies. Note, if you don't plan on running the twitter bot you only need to fill out the general section of the cfg file.

To Run with search UI (sample run):

Install requirements:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

The gif is always created as star_wars.gif

$ python

To get a random gif:

$ python

If you want to use makeGifs elsewhere use:

from makeGifs import makeGif
# source should be 4, 5, or 6
# index is the index of the SRT
makeGif(source, index)

Running the twitter bot:

  • make sure you create API accounts for both twitter and imgur
  • update config.cfg* to have the keys for both
  • run $ python

The bot will tweet once every 15 minutes.

Note: If generating gifs is taking too long for you remove nq=10 from the writeGif call at the sacrifice of quality.