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Dream Machine rEFInd theme
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Dream Machine: rEFInd theme

This is a neat dark theme for rEFInd

Nametagged background located in /originals, make your changes and save as background.png


Clean dream-machine-theme

Nametag dream-machine-theme


# Create the theme folder in /boot/EFI/refind if it doesn't exist. Be sure that the folder refind is in /boot/EFI; if not, find it and replace the path with yours in the following commands.
$root: mkdir /boot/EFI/refind/themes
#Copy the folder
$root: cp -r ./dm-refind-theme /boot/EFI/refind/themes/

Add this line at the end of /boot/EFI/refind/refind.conf:

include themes/dm-refind-theme/theme.conf

and comment other include <theme.conf> lines with a #.


Font: Coding Font Tobi

Icons: Lightness for burg by SWOriginal.

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