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Branch: lineage-16.0
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mikeNG Revert "kuntao: Switch to qcom FM radio app"
This reverts commit 85b74d4.

Reason for revert: Apparently qcom app randomly has issues
when not used in combination with qcom fm scripts.
Revert to AOSP app for now that is tested for a long time.

Change-Id: I70d691830a12759f4b6cd339d245aaf9e06a790f
Latest commit 6027b0d Jul 14, 2019
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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audio kuntao: audio: Increase the client capture read delay value Jan 8, 2019
audio_amplifier kuntao: audio_amplifier: Cleanup ENABLE_MI2S_CLK ioctl handling Jul 7, 2019
bluetooth kuntao: Bluetooth: Increase number of SEPs to support SHO/Mcast Jan 8, 2019
camera kuntao: camera: Fix dump frm location Feb 11, 2019
configs kuntao: Cleanup privapp-permissions-qti.xml Jun 19, 2019
devicesettings Automatic translation import Jul 6, 2019
fingerprint kuntao: fingerprint: Try reopening fps hal when opening fails May 2, 2019
gps kuntao: Import GPS configs updates from daisy Jan 8, 2019
keylayout kuntao: Implement fingerprint gestures as KeyDisabler Jan 17, 2018
libnfcdummy kuntao: Add dummy lib to provide symbols for prebuilt NFC HAL Jun 2, 2018
light kuntao: Convert lights HAL to native binderized HAL Jan 17, 2019
overlay-lineage kuntao: Add device settings to toggle fingerprint gestures Apr 7, 2019
overlay kuntao: Set default hotspot ssid Jun 19, 2019
rootdir kuntao: rootdir: Remove unused color profile sysfs permissions Jun 20, 2019
seccomp kuntao: Allow mediaextractor mremap syscall May 26, 2018
sensors kuntao: sensors: Convert to Android.bp Jan 13, 2019
sepolicy kuntao: sepolicy: Label qpnp-fg sysfs May 5, 2019
touch kuntao: Convert lineagehw to vendor.lineage.touch Apr 7, 2019
twrp/recovery/root kuntao: Fix adb in TWRP when not decrypted Feb 3, 2019
vndk kuntao: Migrate to versioned VNDK layout Jan 8, 2019
wifi kuntao: wifi: Enable 2.4GHz channel bonding Mar 21, 2019 kuntao: Stop copying WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini to userdata Feb 12, 2019 kuntao: Consider lineage_kuntao product via the AOSP way Jan 8, 2019 Revert "kuntao: Use mke2fs to create ext4 images" Jun 23, 2019
compatibility_matrix.xml kuntao: Add compatibility_matrix.xml Jun 2, 2018
config.fs kuntao: remove wcnss_filter Jan 17, 2019 Revert "kuntao: Switch to qcom FM radio app" Jul 13, 2019 kuntao: Update IMS/Peripheral manager/QMI/RIL from tissot Feb 16, 2019
framework_manifest.xml kuntao: Move AtFwd hal from device to framework manifest. Jan 8, 2019
lineage.dependencies kuntao: Add "packages/resources/devicesettings" to lineage.depencencies Apr 14, 2019 kuntao: Consider lineage_kuntao product via the AOSP way Jan 8, 2019
manifest.xml kuntao: Add QCOM's WFD implementation May 8, 2019
proprietary-files-twrp.txt kuntao: Fix TWRP proprietary files extraction Jul 9, 2018
proprietary-files.txt kuntao: Don't provide a module for libgpustats May 8, 2019 kuntao: Generate treble-compatible makefiles Jun 2, 2018 kuntao: Add custom USB init.rc for TWRP Jan 17, 2019 kuntao: Add unpinning support to script Jun 1, 2018
vendor_framework_compatibility_matrix.xml kuntao: Add QCOM's WFD implementation May 8, 2019 kuntao: Enforce privapp-permissions whitelist Jun 19, 2019
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