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audio audio: Update policy configuration to fix VTS failure Mar 7, 2018
bdAddrLoader mako: move configs/blobs to vendor Mar 7, 2018
bluetooth Revert "bluetooth: Our kernel is missing CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM (alarmt… Mar 7, 2018
keychars mako: fix keychars location Mar 7, 2018
keylayout mako: fix keychars location Mar 7, 2018
liblight mako: misc updates Mar 7, 2018
lineagehw/org/lineageos/hardware mako: add back our hardware classes Mar 7, 2018
media mako: media: drop QCOM decoder Apr 3, 2018
overlay-lineage/lineage-sdk/lineage/res/res/values mako: overlay: set config_trustLegacyEncryption Jun 12, 2018
overlay mako: gps: default to android vendor global ntp pool Feb 7, 2019
power mako: power: cleanup and fix warnings May 24, 2018
rootdir mako: rewrite init.mako.power.rc Jun 17, 2018
sensors mako: add basic sensors 1.0 -> 1.3 wrapper Mar 7, 2018
wifi mako: revert to stock WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini May 24, 2018 mako: initial oreo work Mar 7, 2018 Remove releasetools extensions May 23, 2018
compatibility_matrix.xml mako: update board configuration and add hidl manifest and compat matrix Mar 7, 2018 mako: Drop unused HWC2 HIDL impl Jul 4, 2018 mako: Update file extractors to match new template Jul 24, 2018
lineage.dependencies mako: update kernel dependency Apr 3, 2018 mako: Set TARGET_BOOTANIMATION_HALF_RES to true May 11, 2018
manifest.xml mako: Add omx media HAL to manifest.xml May 31, 2018
proprietary-blobs.txt mako: pin modified/kanged blobs Jul 24, 2018 mako: Update file extractors to match new template Jul 24, 2018
system.prop mako: set qemu.sf.lcd_density=320 Sep 6, 2018
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