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Branch: cm-14.1
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github-cygwin and Tortel manta: use gts2-common widevine blob
Change-Id: I3680c21cdac07972dc6fa9abbb878ebd37aff181
Signed-off-by: Corinna Vinschen <>
Latest commit 4f2199d Jul 14, 2017
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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audio manta: Include kernel headers while building audio Nov 27, 2016
bluetooth Support M Oct 19, 2015
bubblelevel Update to 6.0 SensorManager API Nov 8, 2015
dumpstate manta: build dumpstate as c++ Oct 17, 2016
gps Support M Oct 19, 2015
health catch up health's modification with master branch Oct 17, 2016
libdmitry Add new function to our GPS addon lib Oct 26, 2016
liblights Add missing include. Oct 9, 2016
libsensors Fix "error: use of undeclared identifier 'memset'". Oct 9, 2016
nfc Manta: NFC: turn off completely on screen off. Sep 26, 2014
overlay manta: Use the unified LED capabilities overlay Dec 8, 2016
power Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/lollipop-release' into cm-12.0 Nov 9, 2014
seccomp manta: Add seccomp filter for media service Oct 26, 2016
sepolicy manta: improve /dev/video selinux labeling Nov 2, 2016
voicefx Merge commit 'c54c4c3c9aae0fd888d1efe72a397187ee6dcd0d' into HEAD Nov 22, 2013 fix conflicts with other devices Feb 28, 2014 Rename AOSP builds to aosp_* Mar 26, 2013
Atmel_maXTouch_Touchscreen.idc Support touch orientation vector. Sep 21, 2012 Fix video autoscaling Feb 22, 2017 Rename AOSP builds to aosp_* Mar 26, 2013
audio_effects.conf Add loudness enhancer effect Sep 17, 2013
audio_policy.conf Merge tag 'android-5.1.0_r3' into 5.1 Apr 11, 2015 manta: wifi: Set default locale without DFS channels Aug 21, 2014
board-info.txt Strip board-info.txt for AOSP Jul 20, 2012 manta: Update how we generate our blob lists Nov 20, 2016
fstab.manta manta: fstab: finalize partitions and formatting Nov 20, 2016
init.manta.rc Updated external storage configuration. Oct 31, 2016
init.manta.usb.rc manta: switch to generic nexus PIDs (was using debug) Jul 27, 2012
init.recovery.manta.rc Set SELinux security context for recovery service. Jan 15, 2014
lineage.dependencies manta: Rebrand for Lineage Jan 13, 2017 manta: Rebrand for Lineage Jan 13, 2017
manta-keypad.kcm manta: add input device files for manta (touch, keypad) Mar 9, 2012
manta-keypad.kl Remove stale keylayout annotations Aug 22, 2014
media_codecs.xml manta: Enable FFMPEG codecs Nov 2, 2016
media_profiles.xml Remove obsolete video editor Jan 2, 2016
mixer_paths.xml audio: don't reset mixer paths at standby Oct 22, 2012
proprietary-files.txt manta: use gts2-common widevine blob Jul 17, 2017 manta: Update how we generate our blob lists Nov 20, 2016
ueventd.manta.rc manta: change permissions for /dev/video6 to enable hw decoding Nov 2, 2016 Switch to aosp_* product name in the lunch menu. Aug 23, 2013
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