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Branch: lineage-16.0
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ghostrider-reborn and mikeNG tomato: CMParts ==> LineageParts
Change-Id: I85528fb05417c77b2f424cedf01d0f42122e3225
Signed-off-by: Ad!thya R <>
Latest commit 5237b8d Jun 7, 2018
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ProximityCalibrate tomato: Fix Proximity Calibration Feb 25, 2017
audio tomato: add device out for FM. Dec 4, 2016
bluetooth tomato: Update bluetooth config Oct 15, 2017
camera QCamera2: Fix -Wall -Wextra -Werror clang build Apr 30, 2018
cmhw/src/org/cyanogenmod/hardware tomato: cmhw -> lineagehw Apr 30, 2018
configs tomato: Move thermal-engine.conf to vendor Apr 30, 2018
gps tomato: gps: Move device dependent modules to /vendor Jun 24, 2018
init tomato: init: Update import_kernel_cmdline usage for N Sep 8, 2016
keylayout tomato: Use WAKEUP instead of POWER for dt2w May 2, 2016
lineagehw/src/org/lineageos/hardware tomato: cmhw -> lineagehw Apr 30, 2018
overlay tomato: CMParts ==> LineageParts Jul 15, 2018
power tomato: Use device-specific power feature lib May 8, 2016
sensors Sensors: Move sensors HAL library to vendor Apr 30, 2018
sepolicy tomato: Minor sepolicy cleanup Jun 24, 2018
twrp/recovery/root tomato: twrp: Fix decrypt after moving ueventd.rc to vendor Jun 24, 2018
yl_params tomato: Fix compilation for yl_params Nov 7, 2015 tomato: Inherit from msm8939-common Apr 14, 2015 tomato: Rename to tomato Oct 2, 2014 tomato: Use common aw2013 HIDL light HAL Jun 10, 2018
README tomato: Set name to YUREKA Jan 7, 2015
board-info.txt tomato: Add assertions on baseband version Jan 8, 2017 tomato: Drop deprecated OpenGLRenderer props Jun 28, 2018 tomato: Fix Jun 24, 2018 Revert "tomato: Specify TARGET_LOCALES" May 8, 2016
lineage.dependencies tomato: Switch to the CMHW touchscreen gestures implementation Feb 1, 2017 tomato: Fix vendor image mismatch Apr 30, 2018
proprietary-files-twrp.txt tomato: move all blobs to vendor Apr 30, 2018
proprietary-files.txt tomato: update Widevine DRM to one-blob solution Jul 2, 2018 tomato: Replace vendor/cm with vendor/lineage Mar 18, 2018
system.prop tomato: Update audio props for new O audio HAL Apr 30, 2018 tomato: Remove fragments Apr 30, 2018


Device tree for YU YUREKA
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