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addonsu Add target to make a flashable su addon Apr 20, 2017
bash_completion Add a bash completion "--force-sync" for repo sync Jul 30, 2015
bootanimation Fix bootanimation destpath if building off-tree Jul 9, 2019
build repopick: Try to fast-forward first Oct 10, 2018
charger charger: Remove battery_fail images Aug 20, 2017
config Revert "config: Remove 7z lib7z unrar unzip zip makefile entries" Jul 25, 2018
prebuilt/common apns: update IRAN APNs Dec 16, 2018
sepolicy sepolicy: Allow adbd to set a system_prop Nov 29, 2018
.gitignore http_prebuilt: Implement archive of artifacts Jan 9, 2017
README.mkdn vendor: we are now LineageOS Dec 28, 2016 vendor: fix lunch combo name to lineage Feb 4, 2017



Submitting Patches

Patches are always welcome! Please submit your patches via LineageOS Gerrit! You can do this by using these commands:

(From root android directory)
. build/
(Go to repo you are patching, make your changes and commit)
cmgerrit <for(new)/changes(patch set)> <branch/change-id> 

repo start cm-14.1 .
(Make your changes and commit)
repo upload .

Note: "." meaning current directory For more help on using this tool, use this command: repo help upload

Make your changes and commit with a detailed message, starting with what you are working with (i.e. vision: Update Kernel) Commit your patches in a single commit. Squash multiple commit using this command: git rebase -i HEAD~<# of commits>

To view the status of your and others' patches, visit LineageOS Code Review

Getting Started

To get started with Android/LineageOS, you'll need to get familiar with Repo and Version Control with Git.

To initialize your local repository using the LineageOS trees, use a command like this:

repo init -u git:// -b cm-14.1

Then to sync up:

repo sync

Please see the LineageOS Wiki for building instructions, by device.

For more information on this Github Organization and how it is structured, please read the wiki article


All supported devices are built nightly and periodically as changes are committed to ensure the source trees remain buildable.

You can view the current build statuses in the Jenkins tool.

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