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LineageOS Updater Backend

Copyright (c) 2017 The LineageOS Project

Adding a new device

  1. Add your device to devices.json, sorted alphanumerically by codename. Fields are documented below.
  2. Add a 109x124 PNG of your device to the static/device folder
  3. Submit your change to gerrit (this repository is configured for use with git review)


devices.json is an array of objects, each with several fields:

  • model: should be the first thing on the line, and is the device's codename (PRODUCT_DEVICE) - e.g. i9300.
  • oem: the manufacturer of the device. (PRODUCT_BRAND) - e.g. Samsung.
  • name: the user-friendly name of the device - e.g. Galaxy S III (Intl). Long values will overflow and look bad, so limit this to around 25 characters.
  • has_recovery: (optional) whether or not the device has a separate recovery partition. Defaults to true.
  • image: (optional) the filename (excluding .png) of the device's image. Defaults to the value of model.
  • wiki: (optional) the name of the wiki page, exlcuding "_Info". Defaults to the value of model. For example, "i9300" would be shown on the website as a link to

Initial set up:

  1. Install requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Copy app.cfg.example to app.cfg
  3. Run with flask run

To add entries a simple script has been added called
Alternatively can be included in another python script and the addrom() method can be called programatically.

Example API Calls:

Obtaining rom list for a device:
Request data (optional):
{"": "<utc_timestamp>", "romversion": "<romversion>"}

<device> - Name of device. Example: d2vzw
<romtype> - Type of rom. Example: nightly
<romversion> - Version of rom. Example: 14.1(optional)
<utc_timestamp> - Timestamp for current build on device. Taken from build.prop usually. Example: 1483179136(optional)

Requesting a file:
<id> - Id of requested file. Obtained from json in the api call above. Example: 586bce6c07f9d87b152c3215


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