The Lingotek Filesystem Connector (ltk) links your files and folders to the Translation Network™
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Lingotek Filesystem Connector

The Lingotek Filesystem Connector (ltk) links your files and folders to the Translation Network™. It provides yet another way for continuously globalizing all of your translatable content.

The Lingotek Filesystem Connector allows you to quickly add content, request translations, and pull translations from the Lingotek Cloud. It can even be quickly setup to automate the entire process by watching files or folders for new translatable content.

Content can be sent up in any a variety of formats including: csv, dita, ditamap, docx, doxygen, dtd, excel, html, idml, java_properties, json, odp, ods, odt, pdf, plaintext, po, pptx, ppt, rails_yaml, resx, rtf, subtitle_rip, table, ts, xliff, and xml.

Developers love how easily it can be used to interact with the Translation Network™. Using the -v and -vv switches shows exactly which API calls are being used to help developers code custom connectors.


pip install ltk

You can also install the latest version by downloading this repository and then, from the root directly, run:

pip install .

If you don't have pip installed, then you can install it using the following:

$ curl -O
$ python

If not already installed, [python setuptools] ( is required. You can install/ update using the following:

$ pip install -U pip setuptools

Start the tool by using ltk

Should you run into issues, checkout other installation notes here.

Windows Installation

For instructions on installing in Windows, go to the Wiki.

Getting Started

Running ltk without any parameters will show all of the commands available: add, clean, config, delete, import, init, list, pull, push, request, and status

Here is video that shows the basics...

Lingotek Filesystem Connector1

Next, is a video that demonstrates how a folder can be watched for new files and changes for automating the translation process...

Lingotek Filesystem Connector2