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  1. input input Public

    Abstracts HTTP request input handling, providing an easy interface for data hydration and validation

    PHP 40 17

  2. tortilla tortilla Public

    A lightweight framework built as middleware, creating the base application to be passed to the stack.

    PHP 13

  3. rule-engine rule-engine Public

    Versatile rule engine that allows to apply logic to a given context.

    PHP 6 1

  4. microlog microlog Public

    Static wrapper around PSR-3 loggers.

    PHP 1

  5. capsule capsule Public archive

    Linio Capsule is a highly opinionated dependency injection container for Hack.


  6. safeecho safeecho Public

    Replacement function for echo/print. It will take the string, hide it and then wrap the new hidden string with whatever wrapper is specified.

    PHP 1 1


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