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// Global
$lang['site_error_backText'] = 'Back';
$lang['site_403_errorText'] = 'Sorry, you don\'t have permission to access this site.';
$lang['site_404_errorText'] = 'Oops! Sorry, that page could not be found.';
$lang['site_500_errorText'] = 'Sorry, there was an internal error.';
// Navigation
$lang['navigation_toggle'] = 'Toggle navigation';
$lang['navigation_home'] = 'Home';
// NavigationSub
$lang['navigation_boards'] = 'Boards';
$lang['navigation_boards_all'] = 'All boards';
$lang['navigation_boards_noFraud'] = 'No Fraud';
$lang['navigation_boards_torI2P'] = 'Tor / I2P only';
// Navigation
$lang['navigation_blogs'] = 'Blogs';
$lang['navigation_shops'] = 'Shops';
$lang['navigation_warez'] = 'Warez';
$lang['navigation_useful'] = 'Useful';
$lang['navigation_vpn'] = 'VPN';
$lang['navigation_hosting'] = 'Hosting';
$lang['navigation_addLink'] = 'Add link';
$lang['navigation_last5Added'] = 'Show recently 15 updated links (RSS)';
// NavigationSub
$lang['navigation_information'] = 'Information';
$lang['navigation_information_contact'] = 'Contact';
$lang['navigation_information_donate'] = 'Donate';
$lang['navigation_information_pricing'] = 'Pricing';
$lang['navigation_information_linkUs'] = 'Link us';
$lang['navigation_information_misc'] = 'Misc';
$lang['navigation_information_misc_changelog'] = 'Changelog';
$lang['navigation_information_misc_api'] = 'API';
$lang['navigation_information_misc_faq'] = 'FAQ';
$lang['navigation_information_misc_rssAdded'] = 'RSS [added]';
$lang['navigation_information_misc_rssUpdated'] = 'RSS [updated]';
$lang['navigation_information_misc_siteUptime'] = 'Site uptime';
// Breadcrumbs
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_home'] = 'Home';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_noFraud'] = 'Show only nonfraud boards';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_torI2P'] = 'Show only TOR / I2P boards';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_search'] = 'Search results';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_blogs'] = 'Security & hacking blogs';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_shops'] = 'Shops';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_warez'] = 'Warez';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_useful'] = 'Show some useful links';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_vpn'] = 'Show VPN services';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_hosting'] = 'Hosting services';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_addLink'] = 'Add new link';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_reportLink'] = 'Report a dead link';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_contact'] = 'Contact us';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_donate'] = 'Donation';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_pricing'] = 'Advertisement pricing plans';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_linkUs'] = 'Link us';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_changelog'] = 'Version changelog';
$lang['navigation_breadcrumb_faq'] = 'FAQ';
// Subnavigation
$lang['subnavigation_lastDbUpdate'] = 'Last db update';
// Sidebar
$lang['sidebar_searchPlaceholder'] = 'Search';
$lang['sidebar_linkQueue'] = 'Link queue';
$lang['sidebar_linkQueue_added'] = 'added';
$lang['sidebar_linkQueue_reported'] = 'reported';
$lang['sidebar_statistics'] = 'Statistics';
$lang['sidebar_statistics_online'] = 'online';
$lang['sidebar_statistics_offline'] = 'offline';
$lang['sidebar_statistics_languages'] = 'languages';
$lang['sidebar_statistics_total'] = 'total';
$lang['sidebar_advertisement'] = 'Advertisement';
$lang['sidebar_version'] = 'Version';
$lang['sidebar_version_changelog'] = 'Changelog';
// Link us site
$lang['linkus_htmlCodeText'] = 'Get the code to insert our banner in your website.';
$lang['linkus_bbcodeText'] = 'Get the code, to insert our banner in signatures, for example in forums (MyBB, vBulletin, ...)';
// Donate site
$lang['donate_headText'] = 'Donate, to keep this service alive :';
// Changelog site
$lang['changelog_head'] = 'Changelog';
$lang['changelog_committed'] = 'published a new version update.';
// Pricing site
$lang['pricing_smallHead'] = 'Small';
$lang['pricing_smallInclude'] = 'get featured "red star"';
$lang['pricing_mediumHead'] = 'Medium';
$lang['pricing_highlight'] = 'Most popular plan';
$lang['pricing_mediumInclude'] = '468px * 60px (+red star)';
$lang['pricing_largeHead'] = 'Large';
$lang['pricing_largeInclude'] = '920px * 120px (+red star)';
$lang['pricing_perMonth'] = 'per month';
$lang['pricing_contactUs'] = 'Contact us';
// Search Site
$lang['search_nameText'] = 'Name';
$lang['search_typeHead'] = 'Type';
$lang['search_resetText'] = 'Reset search';
$lang['search_category'] = 'Category';
$lang['search_typeBoard'] = 'Board';
$lang['search_typeBlog'] = 'Blog';
$lang['search_typeWarez'] = 'Warez';
$lang['search_typeVPN'] = 'VPN';
$lang['search_typeUseful'] = 'Useful';
$lang['search_typeShop'] = 'Shop';
$lang['search_typeHosting'] = 'Hosting';
// Contact us Site
$lang['contact_donateText'] = 'Donate, to keep this service alive:';
$lang['contact_contactInformationText'] = 'Contact information:';
$lang['contact_twitterFollow'] = 'Follow';
$lang['contact_warningHeader'] = 'Warning!';
$lang['contact_warningText'] = 'If you want to contact us, use <b>only</b> the shown contact informations on <b>this site</b> to avoid beeing scammed!';
// Report Link Site
$lang['report_headText'] = 'Report';
$lang['report_sitename'] = 'Name';
$lang['report_url'] = 'URL';
$lang['report_reason'] = 'Reason';
$lang['report_reportBtn'] = 'Report link';
$lang['report_success_title'] = 'Success!';
$lang['report_success_text'] = 'The link was reported. Thanks for your help.';
$lang['report_fail_title'] = 'Warning!';
$lang['report_fail_text'] = 'There was an error. Please try again.';
$lang['report_fail_DoubleEntry_text'] = 'This site is already marked as reported';
// Add Link Site
$lang['add_url'] = 'URL';
$lang['add_tor'] = 'TOR URL';
$lang['add_i2p'] = 'I2P URL';
$lang['add_facebook'] = 'Facebook';
$lang['add_twitter'] = 'Twitter';
$lang['add_category'] = 'Category';
$lang['add_languages'] = 'Language';
$lang['add_pleaseSelect'] = 'Please select';
$lang['add_information'] = 'Information';
$lang['add_information_placeholder'] = 'Backup domains, contact informations, ... (max 200 chars)';
$lang['add_addLink'] = 'Add link';
$lang['add_success_title'] = 'Success!';
$lang['add_success_text'] = 'The link was added. Thanks for your help.';
$lang['add_fail_title'] = 'Warning!';
$lang['add_fail_text'] = 'There was an error. Please try again.';
$lang['add_fail_text_double'] = 'There was an error. This site seems to be added already.';
$lang['add_facebook_placeholder'] = 'Group name';
// Hosting Site
$lang['hosting_head'] = 'Hosting';
$lang['hosting_service'] = 'Service';
$lang['hosting_creditcard'] = 'Creditcard';
$lang['hosting_locations'] = 'Locations';
$lang['hosting_infoTextHead'] = 'Information!';
$lang['hosting_infoText'] = 'Norton explores the secret world of bulletproof hosting that’s hidden deep in underground bunkers,
isolated at sea, and spread across the Web. Uncover the threats that lie within these services, such as botnets,
malware, ransomware, and the black market, and learn how to protect yourself in "The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet - Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide"';
$lang['hosting_infoStartVideo'] = 'Start Video';
// Footer
$lang['footer_generatedInStart'] = 'Page generated in ';
$lang['footer_generatedInEnd'] = ' seconds.';
// Language Category
$lang['promoted'] = '&#10035;Promoted';
$lang['partner'] = 'Partner';
$lang['al'] = 'Albanian';
$lang['ar'] = 'Arabic';
$lang['az'] = 'Azerbaijan';
$lang['bs'] = 'Bosnian';
$lang['zh'] = 'Chinese';
$lang['hr'] = 'Croatia';
$lang['cz'] = 'Czech';
$lang['da'] = 'Danish';
$lang['nl'] = 'Dutch';
$lang['en'] = 'English';
$lang['fr'] = 'French';
$lang['ge'] = 'Georgian';
$lang['de'] = 'German';
$lang['gr'] = 'Greek';
$lang['id'] = 'Indonesian';
$lang['it'] = 'Italian';
$lang['jp'] = 'Japanese';
$lang['my'] = 'Malaysian';
$lang['fas'] = 'Persian';
$lang['pl'] = 'Polish';
$lang['pt'] = 'Portuguese';
$lang['ro'] = 'Romanian';
$lang['ru'] = 'Russian';
$lang['rs'] = 'Serbian';
$lang['es'] = 'Spanish';
$lang['th'] = 'Thai';
$lang['tr'] = 'Turkish';
$lang['ua'] = 'Ukrainian';
$lang['uz'] = 'Uzbek';
$lang['vn'] = 'Vietnamese';
// Shop Category
$lang['shops_ccv'] = 'Ccv / Dumps';
$lang['shops_accounts'] = 'Accounts';
$lang['shops_icq'] = 'ICQ';
$lang['shops_drugs'] = 'Drugs';
$lang['shops_rdp'] = 'RDP / Smtp';
$lang['shops_flood'] = 'Flood';
$lang['shops_exploit'] = 'Exploit';
$lang['shops_cccheck'] = 'CC Checker';
$lang['shops_iptv'] = 'IPTV';
$lang['shops_other'] = 'Other';
$lang['shops_encrypted_calls'] = 'Encrypted calls';
$lang['shops_fake_id'] = 'Fake Id'; //New entry
$lang['shops_spam'] = 'Spam'; //New entry
// Useful Category
$lang['useful_vuln'] = 'Vulnerabilities';
$lang['useful_unsorted'] = 'Unsorted';
$lang['useful_ffaddons'] = 'Firefox Addons';
$lang['useful_cryptography'] = 'Cryptography';
$lang['useful_scanner'] = 'Scanner';
$lang['useful_antimalware'] = 'Anti Malware';
$lang['useful_linklist'] = 'Linklists';
$lang['useful_multiuploader'] = 'Multiuploader';
$lang['useful_exchanger'] = 'Exchanger';
$lang['useful_trashmail'] = 'Trash Mail';
$lang['useful_challenges'] = 'Challenges';
$lang['useful_securemail'] = 'Secure Mail';
$lang['useful_cardsharing'] = 'Cardsharing';
$lang['useful_toplist'] = 'Toplists';
$lang['useful_nfo'] = 'NFO';
$lang['useful_ddosprotect'] = 'DDoS Protection';
$lang['useful_cryptocurrency'] = 'Cryptocurrency';
$lang['useful_documentation'] = 'Documentation';
$lang['useful_linkcrypter'] = 'Linkcrypter';
$lang['useful_startpage'] = 'Startpage';
$lang['useful_telegramgrp'] = 'Telegram Groups';
$lang['useful_uptimechecker'] = 'Uptime Checker';
$lang['useful_pastebin'] = 'Pastebin';
$lang['useful_security'] = 'Security';
$lang['useful_hackgame'] = 'Hack Game';
$lang['useful_serials'] = 'Serials';
$lang['useful_kodi'] = 'Kodi';
$lang['useful_jabber'] = 'Jabber';
// VPN Category
$lang['vpn_paidvpn'] = 'Paid VPN';
$lang['vpn_vpninfo'] = 'VPN Info';
$lang['vpn_freevpn'] = 'Free VPN';
$lang['vpn_socks'] = 'Socks';
$lang['vpn_webproxy'] = 'Webproxy';
$lang['vpn_checker'] = 'Checker';
// Warez Category
$lang['warez_boards'] = 'Boards';
$lang['warez_anime'] = 'Anime / Hentai / Manga';
$lang['warez_tvstream'] = 'TV Stream';
$lang['warez_ftp'] = 'FTP / FXP';
$lang['warez_documentation'] = 'Documentation';
$lang['warez_ebook'] = 'Ebook';
$lang['warez_xdcc'] = 'XDCC';
$lang['warez_music'] = 'Music';
$lang['warez_games'] = 'Games';
$lang['warez_movies'] = 'Movies';
$lang['warez_mixed'] = 'Mixed';
$lang['warez_android'] = 'Android';
$lang['warez_apple'] = 'Apple';
$lang['warez_moviestreams'] = 'Movie Stream';
$lang['warez_search'] = 'Search';
$lang['warez_porn'] = 'Porn';
$lang['warez_usenet'] = 'NZB / Usenet';
$lang['warez_scripts'] = 'Scripts';
$lang['warez_torrent'] = 'Torrent';
// Board Redirection Site
$lang['out_home'] = 'Home';
$lang['out_report'] = 'Report deadlink';
$lang['out_voteForUs'] = 'Vote for us';
$lang['out_vote'] = 'Vote';
$lang['out_closeFrame'] = 'Close frame';
$lang['out_redirectingTo'] = 'Redirecting to ';
$lang['out_redirectingIn'] = ' in 20 seconds.';
$lang['out_iframeText1'] = 'Your browser cannot show iframes:';
$lang['out_iframeText2'] = 'Click here to open requested site:';
$lang['out_api'] = 'API Access';
$lang['out_noSocialAccounts'] = 'No social accounts available';
// FAQ site
$lang['faq_head'] = 'Frequently Asked Questions';
// Link
$lang['faq_menu_link'] = 'Link';
$lang['faq_menu_link_question_linkStatusColors'] = 'What are the meanings of the different link status colors?';
$lang['faq_menu_link_answer_linkStatusColors'] = '<span class="fa fa-circle" style="color:green"></span> <font color="black">online (nonfraud)</font></p>
<p><span class="fa fa-circle" style="color:green"></span> <font color="lightgrey">online </font>(fraud)</p>
<p><span class="fa fa-circle" style="color:orange"></span> maintenance / back online soon</p>
<p><span class="fa fa-circle" style="color:red"></span> offline</p>
<p><span class="fa fa-globe" style="color:green"></span> Tor</i></p>
<p><span class="fa fa-star" style="color:red"></span><font color="red"> <b>name</b> </font> Advertisement<p>
<p><span class="fa fa-star" style="color:red"></span> Partner or banner backlink</p>
<p><span class="fa fa-star" style="color:green"></span> Partner or backlink';
$lang['faq_menu_link_question_linkOffline'] = 'A link is offline';
$lang['faq_menu_link_answer_linkOffline'] = 'If there is a link which seems to be offline, you have the ability to report this site.</p>
<p>We will review your reported link and mark the site as offline';
$lang['faq_menu_link_question_addedLink'] = 'I submitted a link, but it is still not visible';
$lang['faq_menu_link_answer_addedLink'] = 'We verify every submitted link within one week.</p>
<p>If its still not visible, send us a DM via Twitter or contact us via jabber/icq.';
$lang['faq_menu_link_question_socialData'] = 'How to get social data?';
$lang['faq_menu_link_answer_socialData'] = 'If you open a forum link, you may get additional information in the headers bar.</p>
<p>Complete informations you can get on the <a href="search.php">search</a> site.';
// Privacy
$lang['faq_menu_privacy'] = 'Privacy';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_terms'] = 'Terms';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_terms'] = 'By accessing the website at,</p>
<p>you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service,</p>
<p>all applicable laws and regulations,</p>
<p>and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.</p>
<p>If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site.</p>
<p>The materials contained in this website are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_useLicense'] = 'Use License';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_useLicense'] = 'a) Permission is granted to temporarily download one copy of the materials
(information or software) on LinkBaseORG\'s website for personal, non-commercial transitory viewing only.
This is the grant of a license, not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not:</p>
<p>I: modify or copy the materials;</p>
<p>II: use the materials for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial);</p>
<p>III: attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on LinkBaseORG\'s website;</p>
<p>IV: remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials; or</p>
<p>V: transfer the materials to another person or "mirror" the materials on any other server.</p>
<p>b) This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by LinkBaseORG at any time.
Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license,
you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_disclaimer'] = 'Disclaimer';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_disclaimer'] = 'a) The materials on LinkBaseORG\'s website are provided on an \'as is\' basis. LinkBaseORG makes no warranties,
expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates all other warranties including, without limitation,
implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose,
or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights.</p>
<p>b) Further, LinkBaseORG does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy,
likely results,
or reliability of the use of the materials on its website or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_limitations'] = 'Limitations';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_limitations'] = 'In no event shall LinkBaseORG or its suppliers be liable for any damages (including, without limitation,
damages for loss of data or profit,
or due to business interruption) arising out of the use or inability to use the materials on LinkBaseORG\'s website,
even if LinkBaseORG or a LinkBaseORG authorized representative has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.
Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties,
or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not apply to you.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_accuracy'] = 'Accuracy of materials';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_accuracy'] = 'The materials appearing on LinkBaseORG website could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors.
LinkBaseORG does not warrant that any of the materials on its website are accurate, complete or current.
LinkBaseORG may make changes to the materials contained on its website at any time without notice.
However LinkBaseORG does not make any commitment to update the materials.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_links'] = 'Links';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_links'] = 'LinkBaseORG has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its website and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site.
The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by LinkBaseORG of the site.
Use of any such linked website is at the user\'s own risk.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_modifications'] = 'Modifications';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_modifications'] = 'LinkBaseORG may revise these terms of service for its website at any time without notice.
By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms of service.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_governingLaw'] = 'Governing Law';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_governingLaw'] = 'These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia
and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that State or location.';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_question_piwik'] = 'Matomo (previously Piwik)';
$lang['faq_menu_privacy_answer_piwik'] = 'Disable user tracking via Piwik';
// Advertisement
$lang['faq_menu_advertisement'] = 'Advertisement';
$lang['faq_menu_advertisement_question_banner'] = 'Advertisement';
$lang['faq_menu_advertisement_answer_banner'] = 'Big banner -> small banner -> custom banner';
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