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Project Name:

Location Aware Sensing System (LASS)


We hope location aware sensor devices can be easy to provide/build by anyone.
The sensors data can be manage globally.
Any sensors data can be display, get, analyze by everyone.
These sensors data become useful to everyone.
Then we can monitor our environment globally.


Sensor devices can be easy to buy parts and build by Maker
Open source architecture to support the community
All sensors result include gps location information
The sensors data send to internet, and can be manage by any PCs
Architecture design to support sensor customization
Visual sensors data is easy through the tool we provided.
Support sensors data visualize on the google map.
Support export function, data can be easy analyze through perfessional statistic software R
Mobile phone UI supported by integrated with Blynk
Default support more and more sensors.

Press release: 【開源公益專案】LASS環境感測網路系統 On MakerPRO

Presentation slides

Contents in wiki:

0.2 We need your help
0.3 Device Status
0.4 Supported sensor status
1.0 How to get started
1.1 How to setup the sensor device
1.2 How to analyse sensor data?
1.3 How to customize your sensors
1.4 How to customize your alarms
2.1 User Data Format Specification
2.3 Shell requirement
3.1 Data presentation CLI manual
4.1 Make a wish
4.2 Request donation of default supported sensors

Contents in hackpad : workspace for contributors and users

Contributors Area ( Only contributors have write permission )
LASS - Contributors List
LASS - Events
LASS - Sensors Integration status
LASS - Data specification
LASS - Sensors data specification

Users Area ( Anyone have write permission )
LASS - Sensor customization service
LASS - Referenced projects
LASS - Use case sharing
LASS - Need help
LASS - User suggestion
LASS - Make a wish
LASS - Scratch pad area

Top level architecture: LASS-TopLevelArch

Devices (LinkItONE with sensors) sense any data you need ----> 
Send to by MQTT protocol ----> 
Server (mosquitto server) publish to the subscriber ---->
Data user subscribe data to get raw data, data with real time chart, export to google map
	Data user have customization capacity to use the data what ever they like

Device architecture: LASS-DeviceArch

Change Logs:

	Devices send sensors value with GPS related information to server
	The server publish the information to subscribers.
	The device log data to flash when network fail at startup stage.
	The log data will be send when network OK at startup stage.

	Front End support: 
	Plot sensor data in realtime.
	Support device_id filter.
	CLI(Command line interface) support
	User setting can be adjust through CLI
	Support export to KML
	Use google map map to show it. 	

	Solar charger supported and tested.
	User have more configable options
	Auto power saving mode support
	Wifi will get re-connected once it become available
	More organized code for sensor customization
	Architeture support more sensors at the same time.
	Data include date time from GPS information
	Logged data will send out once wifi get connected
	Monitor battery status to switch power mode
	MQTT organize by application scenario
	Front end support:
	Auto log support
	Data save/load supported
	Data support filter by date time
	Data date time by gps information support

	Start to support dust sensor, UV sensor ( basic calibrated ) 
	Extend MQTT library buffer setting ( PubSubClient need update )
	Frond end support;
	Auto save data, Auto monitor
	GPS KML export value more reasonable.
	Make one example to support [Blynk] (, check Blynk directory.
		The example not integrate with LASS.
	LASS support Blynk as mobile phone GUI to read all sensors data.

V0.5.1 - V0.5.2 
	Frond end:
		Fake data generation for data analyze purpose.
		CVS export supported
		R example for data import and google plot 
		Alarm supported include 3 alarm mode (self detect, central, partner )
		GPS altitude information supported in CSV, KML (google map, google earth tested)
		front end minor features and bug fix
		Add audio record to SD example
		fix (1)data loss cause affected by MQTT publish to partner.(2)ALARM_ENABLE=0 compile error
		more exception handler
		add server log importer
		add FMT_OPT format to support GPS disable
		default support 20 sensors, and 10 reserved for user
		fix MQTT payload can't > 256 bytes, Library/ need to be updated.
		add default record_id to system sensor in order to check data loss
		add startup LED blink
		Integrated APP_ID=2, pm25sensorG3
		Blink 3.1 sample code verified with LinkItONE at Blynk/Blynk.ino

		LASS support Blynk 3.1

Project status:

It's working although we still have lots of idea to do. 

Usage procedure:

	mosquitto_sub -v -h -t Sensors/#
	You may need to install the tool from here:
LinkItONE: (you can skip this step if you only want to view the current data)
	Install the libraries ( all in Device_LinkItOne/Libraries )
	Modify user configuration in the code ( Search keyword "REPLACE" )
	Download firmware to LinkItONE
	User Interface:
		the console output use 115200N81
		System LED: 
			On   - Wifi/GPS ready, online publishing
			Off  - Wifi or GPS not ready, offline logging
			Blink- Sensing
    The idea come from here:


We try our best to test the system but we may make mistakes. Used at your own risk.

Created 26/06/2015 By Wuulong,