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# Linked Pipes Repository
# License:
# Credits: Linked Pasts Community
@prefix rset: <> .
@prefix tool: <> .
@prefix pipe: <> .
@prefix wd: <> .
@prefix wdt: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
# Alligator
tool:JDAH36PP a rset:Tool .
tool:JDAH36PP a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:JDAH36PP owl:sameAs wd:Q74004218.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:name 'Alligator'.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:wikidataid 'Q74004218'.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:description 'Web app for transforming a correspondence analyses with fixed and floating time intervals to a relative chronology and RDF representation using Allens interval algebra.'.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:50:6'.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:link <>.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:link <>.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:entryLevel rset:advanced.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:inputFormat rset:CSV.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:outputFormat rset:CSV.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:outputFormat rset:TTL.
tool:JDAH36PP rset:outputFormat rset:HTML.
# Academic Meta Tool
tool:H9ASQQT5 a rset:Tool .
tool:H9ASQQT5 a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:H9ASQQT5 owl:sameAs wd:Q74003194.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:name 'Academic Meta Tool'.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:wikidataid 'Q74003194'.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:description 'Webapp for modelling vagueness in graphs including reasoning.'.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:51:29'.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:link <>.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:entryLevel rset:beginner.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:inputFormat rset:JSON.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:outputFormat rset:CSV.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:outputFormat rset:TTL.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:outputFormat rset:HTML.
tool:H9ASQQT5 rset:outputFormat rset:CYPHER.
# SPARQLing Unicorn QGIS Plugin
tool:IV2WF71Z a rset:Tool .
tool:IV2WF71Z a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:IV2WF71Z owl:sameAs wd:Q74005133.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:name 'SPARQLing Unicorn QGIS Plugin'.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:wikidataid 'Q74005133'.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:description 'Plugin to add a layer in QGIS from Linked Data SPARQL endpoints.'.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:52:34'.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:link <>.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:link <>.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:entryLevel rset:beginner.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:consumesLOD 'true'.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:producesLOD 'false'.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:inputFormat rset:SPARQL.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:outputFormat rset:SHP.
tool:IV2WF71Z rset:outputFormat rset:GEOJSON.
# xTriples
tool:MS8B972N a rset:Tool .
tool:MS8B972N a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:MS8B972N owl:sameAs wd:Q74526175.
tool:MS8B972N rset:name 'xTriples'.
tool:MS8B972N rset:wikidataid 'Q74526175'.
tool:MS8B972N rset:description 'Web services for extracting RDF from XML'.
tool:MS8B972N rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:53:42'.
tool:MS8B972N rset:link <>.
tool:MS8B972N rset:link <>.
tool:MS8B972N rset:entryLevel rset:advanced.
tool:MS8B972N rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:MS8B972N rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:MS8B972N rset:inputFormat rset:XML.
tool:MS8B972N rset:outputFormat rset:RDF-XML.
tool:MS8B972N rset:outputFormat rset:TTL.
tool:MS8B972N rset:outputFormat rset:JSON.
tool:MS8B972N rset:outputFormat rset:SVG.
# Recogito
tool:7FGCEY65 a rset:Tool .
tool:7FGCEY65 a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:7FGCEY65 owl:sameAs wd:Q74692524.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:name 'Recogito'.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:wikidataid 'Q74692524'.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:description 'Semantic Annotation tool for texts and images, developed by Pelagios Commons'.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:54:52'.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:link <>.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:link <>.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:entryLevel rset:beginner.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:inputFormat rset:PNG.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:inputFormat rset:JPG.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:inputFormat rset:PLAIN-TEXT.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:outputFormat rset:CSV.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:outputFormat rset:TTL.
tool:7FGCEY65 rset:outputFormat rset:RDF-XML.
# Peripleo
tool:SB8L1WQU a rset:Tool .
tool:SB8L1WQU a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:SB8L1WQU owl:sameAs wd:Q74693165.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:name 'Peripleo'.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:wikidataid 'Q74693165'.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:description 'Peripleo is a search engine to data maintained by partners of Pelagios Commons, a Digital Humanities initative aiming to foster better linkages between online resources documenting the past.'.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:55:44'.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:link <>.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:link <>.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:entryLevel rset:beginner.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:producesLOD 'false'.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:inputFormat rset:HTML.
tool:SB8L1WQU rset:outputFormat rset:HTML.
# cURL
tool:822URG1I a rset:Tool .
tool:822URG1I a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:822URG1I owl:sameAs wd:Q286306.
tool:822URG1I rset:name 'cURL'.
tool:822URG1I rset:wikidataid 'Q286306'.
tool:822URG1I rset:description 'free file transfer software'.
tool:822URG1I rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:56:31'.
tool:822URG1I rset:link <>.
tool:822URG1I rset:entryLevel rset:advanced.
tool:822URG1I rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:822URG1I rset:producesLOD 'false'.
tool:822URG1I rset:inputFormat rset:commandline.
tool:822URG1I rset:outputFormat rset:commandline.
# WikidataQueryServiceR
tool:RGEZWA2Z a rset:Tool .
tool:RGEZWA2Z a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:RGEZWA2Z owl:sameAs wd:Q74696020.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:name 'WikidataQueryServiceR'.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:wikidataid 'Q74696020'.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:description 'API Client Library for Wikidata Query Service'.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:57:24'.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:link <>.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:link <>.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:link <>.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:entryLevel rset:advanced.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:inputFormat rset:SPARQL.
tool:RGEZWA2Z rset:outputFormat rset:RDF-XML.
# SPARQLWrapper
tool:ZVX3UYLY a rset:Tool .
tool:ZVX3UYLY a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:ZVX3UYLY owl:sameAs wd:Q74697234.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:name 'SPARQLWrapper'.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:wikidataid 'Q74697234'.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:description 'SPARQLWrapper is a simple Python wrapper around a SPARQL service to remotelly execute your queries. It helps in creating the query invokation and, possibly, convert the result into a more manageable format.'.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:58:17'.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:link <>.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:link <>.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:link <>.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:entryLevel rset:advanced.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:inputFormat rset:SPARQL.
tool:ZVX3UYLY rset:outputFormat rset:RDF-XML.
# Relative Chronology Pipe
pipe:E4TQIM9U a rset:Pipe .
pipe:E4TQIM9U rset:name 'Relative Chronology Pipe'.
pipe:E4TQIM9U rset:description 'Pipe to create a relative chronology with time reasoning.'.
pipe:E4TQIM9U rset:author 'Florian Thiery, Allard Mees'.
pipe:E4TQIM9U rset:dateOfEntry '2019-11-13 8:59:18'.
pipe:E4TQIM9U rset:next _:47EJZ3 .
_:47EJZ3 a rset:PipeStep .
_:47EJZ3 rset:pipeState rset:start .
_:47EJZ3 rset:uses tool:JDAH36PP .
_:47EJZ3 rset:hasInput _:86B49D .
_:47EJZ3 rset:hasOutput _:Q8TFC5 .
_:86B49D rset:description 'CSV results of a CA'.
_:Q8TFC5 rset:description 'relative Chronology (Allen Interval)'.
_:47EJZ3 rset:next _:YDSJ4X .
_:YDSJ4X a rset:PipeStep .
_:YDSJ4X rset:pipeState rset:end .
_:YDSJ4X rset:uses tool:H9ASQQT5 .
_:YDSJ4X rset:hasInput _:RVN3UN .
_:YDSJ4X rset:hasOutput _:3YEZK1 .
_:RVN3UN rset:description 'relative Chronology (Allen Interval)'.
_:3YEZK1 rset:description 'RDF with time reasoning'.
# Trismegistos
tool:F2ADFAVY a rset:Tool .
tool:F2ADFAVY a rset:LinkedTool .
tool:F2ADFAVY owl:sameAs wd:Q22094624.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:name 'Trismegistos'.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:wikidataid 'Q22094624'.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:description ' An interdisciplinary portal of the ancient world'.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:dateOfEntry '2019-12-13 12:22:08'.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:link <>.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:entryLevel rset:advanced.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:consumesLOD 'false'.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:producesLOD 'true'.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:outputFormat rset:CSV.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:outputFormat rset:GEOJSON.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:outputFormat rset:JSON-LD.
tool:F2ADFAVY rset:outputFormat rset:RDF-XML.
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