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A simple Favoriot data visualization using React & Plotly
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Favoriot Data Visualization Using React & Plotly.js

Video Lintang

  1. Make sure Node.js is installed on your PC, then simply download or clone this repo and install all dependencies:

    $ git clone
    $ cd React-Plotly-Favoriot-API
    $ npm install

  1. Open your code editor (I'm using Visual Studio Code), insert your Favoriot API key and Favoriot device developer ID to the App.js file!

    • API key goes to request headers:

      var headers = {
      headers: {
          'Content-Type': 'application/json',
          'apikey': 'your_API_key'
    • Device developer ID goes to request headers:

      var dataBody = {
          device_developer_id: 'your_device_developer_ID',
          data: {
              Temperature: this.refs.temp.value,
              Humidity: this.refs.hum.value,
              Potentio: this.refs.pot.value

  1. Run the project!

    $ npm start

    The app will be run automatically on http://localhost:3000/. Try to POST some data & GET the data back from Favoriot!


    Enjoy your code~ 😍

Lintang Wisesa 💌

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