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Configure the iCal server Locally

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This will teach you how to add your iCal server so that you do not have to use to configure the skill with your iCal information and password.

NOTE: This is for technical users.

ssh into your mycroft/picroft or open a terminal in Linux.

Next cd ~/.mycroft

If the directory calendar-skill does not exist, create it!

⚠️ Note: The calendar-skill directory may also be called calendar-skill.linuss1 or something close to that name. Just use that directory for when calendar-skill is referred to.

Inside the calendar-skill directory, if calendar_conf.yml does not exist, create it!

Delete the contents of calendar_conf.yml (if any). Then add the following, substituting the values with your own:

username: your_amazing_username_to_the_iCal_server
password: your_pa$$w0rdtOth31Cal$er^er
port: 443 # Normally the server's port is 443, but check, just to be sure.

You now should be done!

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