Assets 2

Email Skill - 1.6.0 - 📧

New features:

  • Added many translations! 🎏
  • Fixed a local config getting issue 🐛
  • Made the card in the Mycroft home have color! 🌈
  • Added an enquire intent. Now you can say thing like: Do I have email from Bob? 🎉
  • Added a notification service: 📬
    • You can ask Mycroft to tell you of all emails
    • You can ask Mycroft to tell you to only tell you when you receive a email from a certain person.
    • You can tell Mycroft to stop notifying you of new emails 😄
  • Added/fixed so you can put all your email information in to the config file! 🗄
  • Added "prettiness" when reporting back emails. Now when report back Mycroft will say: 🔢
    • Your second email is .... Instead of number 1 is...
    • Note: this is only for English as it uses a module which only supports English.
  • Not a noticeable feature, but I've refactored a lot ♻️