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LPIC-1 Course in Presentations and Demo's all in HTML/JavaScript (only in Dutch)
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LPIC-1 Course in Presentations and Demo's all in HTML/JavaScript (only in Dutch)

I was a Cisco & Microsoft certified trainer and LPIC-1 Certified. I wanted to make an open source course and gave this actual course in Amsteram in from August to December 2014. The first lesson was in LibreOffice Impress, but after a tip from a student who said that with TermRecord you could make recordings of CLI activity and play back in a browser, I decided to tranform the PowerPoint-like presentation into an Impress.js presentation that with HTML/CSS/JavaScript also ran in a browser.

In the presentation there are slided and demo's and links to external sites like wikipedia.

I know all is not perfect and there are some typo's and mistakes, but I think it's a good start.

Feel free to copy/use and change!

Initially it's under the CC-BY-SA licencense but I've putted it under the GPLv2 license in GitHub as the exact CC license was not available.

If you need help with translating into English or have any other questions/ideas/tips feel free to contact me at

Have fun!

Dion Dresschers

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