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- Helper widgets: <<gladevcp:HAL_Table,HAL_Table>>, <<gladevcp:HAL_HBox,HAL_HBox>>
- Tool Path preview: <<gladevcp:HAL_Gremlin,HAL_Gremlin>>
-HAL Widgets inherit methods, properties and signals from the
-underlying Gtk widgets, so it is helpful to consult the
-[GTK+] and[PyGTK bindings]
-documentation as well.
=== Widget and HAL pin naming
-Most HAL widgets have a single associated HAL pin with the same name
+Most HAL widgets have a single associated HAL pin with the same HAL name
as the widget (glade: General→Name).
Exceptions to this rule currently are.
- 'HAL_Spinbutton' and 'HAL_ComboBox', which have two pins: a +<widgetname>-f+ (float) and a +<widgetname>-s+ (s32) pin
- 'HAL_ProgressBar', which has a +<widgetname>-value+ input pin, and a +<widgetname>-scale+ input pin.
+=== Python attributes and methods of HAL Widgets
+HAL widgets are instances of GtKWidgets and hence inherit the methods,
+properties and signals of the applicable GtkWidget class. For
+instance, to figure out which GtkWidget-related methods, properties
+and signals a 'HAL_Button' has, lookup the description of
+[GtkButton] in the
+[PyGtk Reference Manual].
+An easy way to find out the inheritance relationship of a given HAL
+widget is as follows: run glade, place the widget in a window, and
+select it; then choose the 'Signals' tab in the 'Properties'
+window. For example, selecting a 'HAL_LED' widget, this will show that
+a 'HAL_LED' is derived from a 'GtkWidget', which in turn is derived
+from a 'GtkObject', and eventually a 'GObject'.
+HAL Widgets also have a few HAL-specific Python attributes:
+ the underlying HAL pin Python object in case the widget has a
+ single pin type
+hal_pin_s, hal_pin_f::
+ the S32 and float pins of the 'HAL_Spinbutton' and
+ 'HAL_ComboBox' widgets - note these widgets do not have a
+ 'hal_pin' attribute!
+ the float input pin of 'HAL_ProgressBar' widget representing
+ the maximum absolute value of input.
+The are several HAL-specific methods of HAL Widgets, but the only
+relevant method is:
+ Retrieve the value of the current HAL pin, where '<halpin>' is
+ the applicable HAL pin name listed above.
=== Setting pin and widget values
As a general rule, if you need to set a HAL output widget's value from

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