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Provides a Dockerfile to build a docker image allowing you to run a BOINC client in a container.

For a dockerized boinccmd command to control this client, see the docker-boinccmd repository.


3 simple reasons:

  • I occasionally want to run BOINC on a machine that isn't mine, and it's either restricted or I don't want it to be visible or to leave stray data on the machine.

  • I didn't find a decent Dockerfile for this yet that I could use directly, and I figured others might like to have one.

  • It serves as a good test-bed for me to learn about docker for other purposes, as it could require me to use a lot of its features on the long run if it matures into something decent: volumes, data containers, links, compose, etc...

Pull From DockerHub

docker pull laurentmalvert/docker-boinc

Build It Yourself

docker -t boinc .


Starting the boinc BOINC Client

# start the boinc-client, allowing connections from any host
docker run          \
       --name boinc \
       -d           \
       laurentmalvert/docker-boinc --allow_remote_gui_rpc

Remote Control

You can control your BOINC client using the boinccmd command-line tool. See its documentation for usage details.

See also the docker-boinccmd repo for a dockerized version of boinccmd and usage examples.

Possible Improvements ?

  • Use volumes to grab startup config.
  • Use volumes to persist work data and config between execution.
  • Provide some preset startup scripts.