Over troubled waters

@LinuxMatt LinuxMatt released this Jun 10, 2014

This beta release includes bug fixes for GUI, new options in preferences, experimental support for MusicBrainz metadata and downloading covers from Amazon (early development stage).

Warming up

@LinuxMatt LinuxMatt released this Jan 29, 2014 · 43 commits to master since this release

Add support for Ogg Vorbis encoding.

Ice is thawing

@LinuxMatt LinuxMatt released this Jan 17, 2014 · 65 commits to master since this release

  • fix GUI bugs
  • Add 2 new options : 'always overwrite files' and 'cdparanoia fast mode'
  • fix analysis of flac output
  • add support for XDG_CACHE_DIR
  • add translations from Asunder 2.4


@LinuxMatt LinuxMatt released this Oct 2, 2013 · 85 commits to master since this release

Fix multithreading issues with gdk_threads_enter/leave causing GTK+ UI to freeze randomly.
Try to make some ioctl call (disc status) non-blocking by using a separate thread.
Debian package changelog: version 0.6

  • Jun 6, 2013


    Added support for FLAC encoding.
    New 'Destination folder' Chooser.
    Add Filename simplification options.
    Merged patches from Asunder 2.3.
    Fix disc not ejecting on Ubuntu.
    Debian package changelog: version 0.5