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Lucid Dreams

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This is a "theme package" for Simple Machines Forum 2.0.x

Full resolution screenshots & the theme package are available in SMF theme site. Kindly check this link,


  • Flat theme with 4 colors schemes.
  • Colour schemes can be changed by both guests & members from the fixed top navigation bar.
  • Fluid width.
  • Custom 3x3 level links in the main menu (a bit overkill, yes I know that).
  • Custom copyright & links in the footer.
  • Fixed top navigation bar with social icons, search box, login box and a few user options.
  • Fixed bottom navigation bar with breadcrumb menu and up & down navigation buttons.
  • Everything is CSS based, so everything works even if javascript is disabled.
  • The up & down navigation buttons use jquery (for smooth sliding) but still woks (in the classic style) if javascript is disabled.


Options for the custom copyright, social icons, footer menu and adding extra menu to the main menu can be found in the theme settings. Browse to Admin -> Configuration -> Current Theme.

If you are using custom option in the main menu and want to change the name of 'Home' (n the main menu) to something else then browse to /Themes/Lucid_Dreams/languages/ThemeStrings.english.php. Edit the 4th line as per your need.

$txt['home'] = 'Home';

You should edit only the 'Home' part and not the other part. For example, if you want to rename 'Home' to 'Community' then it should look like the following.

$txt['home'] = 'Community';


v1.1 (14 March 2014)

  • Changed the CSS for quotes.
  • Fixed a bug in the theme string.
  • v1.0 - Initial release


This is free and unencumbered work released into the public domain. For more information, see or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.


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