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MusicalPi - Sheet music display

This project is a Calibre-integrated, music display designed for a touch screen. It
was originally written for the Raspberry Pi (3B) but due to performance of PDF rendering
I have migrated onto the Z83 (intel Atom) platform as of October 2018. I am keeping the
name because I liked it and there's just no interesting icon for "Z83".

It is written in QT5 (version 5.11.1 as of this note), and dynamically linked (i.e.
you must have a working QT install as described).  Unlike my first version this time
I used QT from distro not source, since it was fairly current.

The software is licensed for use under the Apache 2.0 license; QT is separately
licensed as described in their distribution, as are Poppler and MidiFile as described. It
is copyrighted by LE Ferguson, LLC with individual module publish dates as noted.

This software is provided without any warranty or support, though I welcome comments
and contributions.

Please refer to the Wiki on Github for installation and setup instructions:

PLEASE BE AWARE I LEFT THE rPi versions there, I am no longer testing the rPi since Oct 2018,
so if you try the rPi and find issues, review commits since then.  As of this writing
I do not THINK I have done anything that will break the rPi.

Music is stored as PDF's in the Calibre eBook software, and you must make the Calibre
library database visible to this program directly - this does NOT use the Calibre server
but accesses the SQLite database directly.  The Calibre library could be on the MusicalPi
as well, and you could use it for everything.  I prefer to keep my library on a
separate server, and the code as written does that, but changes are needed only in
the path constant in piconstants.h (and in the setup do not set up the cifs mount
for the server of course).

Playlists can be maintained, for example to save music being practiced by individual(s).
They are just a named group of music. A given song can be in more than one playlist (or
none). You create a playlist by selecting a song first, and using the playlist button.

Poppler is used for rendering the PDF documents. No changes were made in Poppler.

ALSA is used as a Midi player if your piano is capable of accepting midi input.

Additional information will be added to the Wiki on Github as available.

Linwood Ferguson


Music display, Calibre Integrated, For Raspberry Pi and Touch Display







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