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About Linzhi

Linzhi Ltd is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company in Shenzhen.
We are a self-funded startup with about 10 people, focusing on crypto ASICs.
For history, see Linzhi Ltd on Wikipedia.


Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Github, Medium, Youtube, Email:
Shop: Coming Soon

Ethash Miner Announcement, ETC Summit Seoul, September 2018

Specs: Ethash, 1400 MH/s, 1000 Watts, price commitment 4-6 months ROI.
Schedule: 12/2018 TapeOut, 04/2019 Samples, 06/2019 Mass Production.

Linzhi Working Papers

Ideas for future papers: Proof-of-Work Glossary, conference presentations, ASIC design workflow, datasheets, roadmap, Proof-of-Contribution.

LWP9 ASIC Feasibility Study in 5 Steps.
LWP8 ECIP 1043 (Ethash 1GB DAG) Revisited.
LWP7 Does the origin of open-source code matter?
LWP6 Bridging the Hardware-Software Divide.
LWP5 Linzhi Telegram January 7 to 29, 2019. Lessons Learned.
LWP4 ASIC Resistance is a State of Mind.
LWP3 Achieving Mining Dominance. How cost advantage drives centralization.
LWP2 Call to Ethereum Developers for ASIC Guidelines.
LWP1 About Linzhi.

Research Interests

Please contact us if any of this interests you as well and you want to cowork:
  • Memory Bandwidth
  • General-purpose crypto accelerator architecture
  • Ops for eliptic curves, finite fields, prime fields
  • libsecp256k1 integration
  • In-Protocol Rewards
  • PoW Change Process
  • Open Compute Project
  • Recycling
  • Economic Finality
  • Proof-of-Contribution
  • Is usefulness an attack vector?
  • Supply-Demand Curve for Security Fees, Tragedy of the Common Chain
  • Physical vs Logical Decentralization
  • Unique PoW algo vs Shared Hardware
  • Computer Rights


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