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Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

This is an unofficial fork of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space by Digital Eel, based on their GPL release:

This is only the game code; the game data is under a non-Free license, but they did release it for free for Windows. That release seems to use an older codebase, though, that is not very happy under modern Windows (I get horrible palette errors despite forcing 256-color mode, etc.). This fork uses their SDL version of the codebase, and works with the free full release data.

Fork features

  • Builds warning-clean for Linux and cross-compiles for Windows
  • Resizable window, including fullscreen (toggle with F11): no more postage-stamp!

Installing (Windows)

  1. Install the official free release. You need this to get the game data.
  2. Download the most recent build of this fork from the releases page.
  3. Open the folder you installed the game to, and extract the ZIP from step 2 into it.
  4. Run strangelp.exe.
  5. If everything's good and you want to use my version by default, either move the original aside and rename mine, or create a new shortcut to mine.



Run ./autoeverything && ./configure && make. You'll need autotools and SDL-1.2 development files installed, including SDL_mixer.

If you get copy in the gamedata, graphics, mods, and sounds folders from a Windows install, you should then be able to run src/strangelp.

If you don't have any access to Windows, the game data from the MacOS X release should work and can be extracted under Linux:

  1. Download the official free MacOS X release.
  2. Go into a temporary folder and extract the DMG: 7z x sais-osx.dmg
  3. mkdir /tmp/sais && sudo mount -o loop 2.hfs /tmp/sais
  4. Copy /tmp/sais/mods to where you want to keep the game data
  5. Copy /tmp/sais/Strange\ Adventures\ in\ Infinite\{gamedata,graphics,sounds} as well
  6. sudo umount /tmp/sais && sudo -k


Cross-compiling from Linux is a bit slapdash at the moment, but works:

  1. Set up a mingw32 SDL cross-compile environment by following Dana Olsen's guide. Note that on a modern system you probably need to invoke the script with bash, not sh, and you probably need to edit it so the patch file it generates patches sdl-config directly, rather than the symlink to it else it will error out.
  2. Go into include/SDL in that environment and ln -s ../SDL_mixer.h, because it puts the extra library headers outside the main SDL include directory, unlike the host Linux system. (You may also want to do this for SDL_image.h etc. for completeness.)
  3. export ac_cv_func_malloc_0_nonnull=yes because autoconf
  4. ./autoeverything && PATH=/wherever/you/put/sdl-win32/bin:$PATH ./configure --enable-windows --target=i586-mingw32msvc --host=i586-mingw32msvc --build=i586-linux && make

Note that --enable-windows just turns on the WINDOWS define in the code so it talks Win32 API at points; you still need to use the cross-compiler!

To run this, copy the contents of runtime from the SDL cross-compile environment and src/strangelp.exe into a folder along with gamedata et. al.

I suspect the Visual Studio project files don't work any more. They're as-is from the original GPL release. At the very least they will need to have the list of source files updated.

Other contributors

Original game by Digital Eel (Richard Carlson, Iikka Keranen and William Sears; see the original readme.txt). Thanks to Chris Collins for initial Linux porting work upon which this builds.


Fork of Digital Eel's Strange Adventures in Infinite Space GPL release







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