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a touch type Bengali keyboard layout
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a touch type Bengali keyboard layout

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Sonnivo is a Keyboard layout for Bengali designed by Sadh. It is easy-to-learn for those who already know to type in English, because this layout is configured in the similar fashion that of English QWERTY layout. It is free of cost and available for download as described below.


bn-SNV layout image

Get in high-res: PDF | PNG | JPEG

Download and install

Download Sonnivo: .7z | .zip

Installation Process

  • Download any compressed pack from above link
  • Uncompress with WinRar, 7zip or your favorite tool
  • Run setup and follow instruction
  • Select BN Bengali (Bangladesh) to use this layout
  • If you have other bn-BD layouts, select Sonnivo

(C) Copyright 2010-2019; nafSadh, Lipighor
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