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A homebrew version of Connect 4 for Nintendo Switch, with a twist!
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Connect Four Dual Edition


This is a normal game of Connect 4, for 2 players on Nintendo Switch (hold the joy-cons sideways!) but with a twist!
Start a game with L3/R3 or press L/R (depending on who starts) to toggle between normal and pop-out mode, where you remove the bottom piece of a column and make all the ones above fall one rank!
This should add another layer of strategy to the game, making it ten times more fun! No more ties, once the grid is full, carefully drop down columns and try to win!
Use the dpad/abxy buttons to select the column to drop your piece, and L3/R3 to validate your action, starting the other player's turn.


This game is licensed under the GPLv3, so any changes you make to the game should go back to the community for others to enjoy!
The romfs/images/background.png image is supposedly under CC0 according to the site I found it on, but I couldnt find the original source. Might need to remove it later

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