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Fixes github api parsing, and brings in 7z extraction support and wildcards in the config! (only for the inrelease element)

This allows you to add an entry, even if the file you want has its name changing every release! (for example, Luma3DS, and d0k3's tools!)

Quick example: "inrelease": "Luma3DSv*z",, from the example config.json:
See the * character after the v ? it tells the string matching function to keep going until it finds the next character, or the end of the tested string. So here, it matches the z of 7z.
You might be thinking: "You could have used the . before the extension or the 7 of 7z!", well no, and this is the reason why:
It would see the . in the release/version number, and the rest wouldn't match, so it would miss the correct element! And the release number could include a 7, which would result in the same problem!

Another example: the attached release file below. What inrelease would match it?

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Of course, "MultiUpdater-v3.0.zip" would, but that's cheating. What I wanted was "MultiUpdater-v*zip"!
If you got it right, you understood how the matching function works.