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LiquidPlanner's Online Project Management Ruby API
Ruby Shell
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The LiquidPlanner gem provides a simple way to access LiquidPlanner's API.

To get started, look at the examples directory. They show how to perform some common tasks.

Typically you will want to create an API object:

lp =>email, :password=>password)

With the api you can then get the user's account or their workspaces:

account     = lp.account
workspaces  = lp.workspaces

Tasks can be listed and created by accessing a workspace:

workspace = lp.workspaces(7)                                # access a workspace by ID
tasks     = workspace.tasks                                 # list all the tasks
my_tasks  = workspace.tasks(:all, :filter=>'owner_id = me') # use a filter
new_task  = workspace.create_task(:name=>'Learn API')       # create and save a new task

For more information, visit the LiquidPlanner developer pages at

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