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@Liquidream Liquidream released this Aug 7, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Fake 3D depth "auto-scaling" of Actors (affects size and walk speed to simulate distance)
  • Now made "Scale" an Actor/Obj property
  • Actor path-finding now more precisely walks to target point
  • Added offset X,Y position for talking overlay sprites
  • Actors and Objects can now have animations (via do_anim())
  • Can now specify default verb for clicking on inventory items (e.g. LOOK-AT)
  • Skip current dialog (left-click/Z)
  • Skip cutscene (right-click/X)
  • Added UI settings properties (for easy custom UI theming)


  • Fixed "Walking to Object, then clicking diff Verb does latter"
  • Fixed "USE" display (and also sample Game "bucket" logic)
  • Fixed hover obj display when executing
  • Fixed error if specify invalid sprite state
  • Fixed issue for actors without walk anims (defaults to "idle" anim)

Noteworthy/Breaking Changes

  • Auto-depth actor scaling is now on by default
  • New UI settings properties must be set on game start-up
  • Refactored do_anim() function's anim_face param is now face_towards
  • Token count and character count have increased a lot as a result of the above changes - meaning less space for actual game content. However, you could always try spanning games across multiple carts, like I just did with my game: "CODE-8"
  • enable_mouse property removed - now always on by default
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@Liquidream Liquidream released this Nov 17, 2017 · 14 commits to master since this release

  • Now all UI colours reflect user-config
  • Now possible to disable "diagonal squeeze check" in pathfinding for walking
    (using enable_diag_squeeze = false)
  • Made CAM_X a public variable
  • Changed say/print_line to have duration overload
  • Now skip cutscenes with any mouse click
  • Now arrow hover colour to UI setting
  • Fixes #11 bug in demo game
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@Liquidream Liquidream released this Apr 22, 2017

Initial public release

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