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Localizing Moments in Video with Temporal Language.

Hendricks, Lisa Anne, et al. "Localizing Moments in Video with Temporal Language." EMNLP (2018).

Find the paper here and the project page here.

        title = {Localizing Moments in Video with Temporal Language.}, 
        author = {Hendricks, Lisa Anne and Wang, Oliver and Shechtman, Eli and Sivic, Josef and Darrell, Trevor and Russell, Bryan}, 
        booktitle = {Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)}, 
        year = {2018} 

License: BSD 2-Clause license


Please see our TEMPO Human Language and Template Language annotations here.

TEMPO Annotations

The TEMPO annotations will have the following fields:

  • annotation_id: Each annotation_id is asigned as {temporal_word}_{didemo_id} where the temporal_word is "before", "after", "then" or (in TEMPO-HL) "while". The didemo_id is the didemo id for the context moment.
  • context: The ground truth context for the sentence.
  • description
  • reference_description: Reference description given to the AMT workers. Note that we did not provide reference descriptions when collecting "while" annotations. For "then" annotations in TEMPO-TL there will be two reference descriptions.
  • times: Three ground truth human annotations. All three are used in evaluation. See the paper for details.
  • video