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  • Closed #110. Fixed fatal error when tmp directory does not exist. @m-schmoock.
  • Closed #119. Added snapshot functionality.
  • Closed #140. Adjusting levels for various log messages @tharude.
  • Closed #160. Preventing / gracefully handling 101 votes exceeded errors @karek314.
  • Closed #161. Improving consistency of GET /api/delegates?orderBy= results @byronp.
  • Closed #166. Standardising GET /api/transactions?orderBy= field prefixing @byronp.
  • Closed #171. Snipping secrets from logs @cezarsn.
  • Closed #191. Configuring CORS with pre-flight.
  • Closed #192. Normalising address casing, upon setting and merging of accounts.
  • Closed #198. Added GET /api/delegates/search endpoint.
  • Closed #201. Improving/log order and format @m-schmoock.
  • Closed #203. Allowing local forging via config switch @m-schmoock.
  • Closed #208. Fixed fatal error when trying to install a broken dapp link @m-schmoock.
  • Closed #233. Improving efficiency of GET /api/accounts/top endpoint.
  • Closed #237. Fixed PUT /api/multisignatures endpoint, including test coverage @mongrim.
  • Closed #238. Fixed transaction broadcast reliability. Added unconfirmed transaction expiry @Crypto2.
  • Merge #187. Fixed SQL errors in DappsSql module @TheGoldenEye.
  • Merge #189. Added whiteList / blackList extension allowing cidr subnets @TheGoldenEye.
  • Merge #226. Using local mocha dependency for tests @mfressdorf.
  • Merge #199. Do not leave loop early, if ip was not found yet @TheGoldenEye.
  • Fixed DApp#getWithdrawalLastTransaction error.
  • Fixed invalid results yielded by GET /api/delegates/count endpoint.
  • Refactored orderBy parameter parsing for all endpoints.
  • Improved efficiency. Performing upsert when merging accounts.
  • Fixed intermittent unnecessary rebuild of memory tables.
  • Fixed inconsistent multisignature maximum lifetime (72 hours).
  • Implemented chronological database migration system.


  • Closed #47. Replacing zeroclipboard with clipboard.js.
  • Closed #50. Fixed Invalid Lisk amount error when sending fractional amount.
  • Closed #57. Updating bitcore-mnemonic to version 1.0.1.
  • Closed #59. Checking for zero amount after building parts.
  • Closed #67. Removing prefixes from orderBy parameters.
  • Fixed broken sync status indicator.
  • Updated translations.


  • Updating node/lisk-node to 0.12.15.


  • Closed #31. Added -s flag to support new snapshot feature.
  • Closed #31. Added -c flag to specify config.json at runtime.
  • Closed #21. Adding prereq checks, correct md5 checks for bsd/darwin.
  • Implemented standard location for PID and log files.
  • Adjusted log naming based on DB instance Lisk is using.
  • Determining whether Lisk is running based on PID and config.json input.
  • Implemented new cases for independent management of Nodejs and PostgreSQL.


  • Added flag options for batch and silent install @34ro.


  • Update binary installation to reflect new options available in installLisk.sh.
  • Added table of contents to API reference.