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The best hand picked resources and delegates for Lisk
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Hand picked top projects for Lisk

Our mission 🚀

Our mission is to create a directory of useful resources for Lisk and promote good delegates that are actively contributing to the growth of Lisk.

Submit a new hunt

Did you find a new Lisk resource? Did you develop something cool?

Everything that is a resource for the Lisk ecosystem can be submitted. So let's say an (d)App, a pool, guide or community can be submitted to LiskHunt.

In order to submit a new hunt, you will have to fill this form:

Submit a cool delegate

Are you a delegate? Join liskhunt, we are looking forward to hear from you! In order to do that, please fill in this form

How does the coolness score work?

The Coolness score is our super-duper recipe to indicate how is the delegate contributing to Lisk. The score takes into consideration multiple factors, such as:

  • Resources developed
  • Resources
  • Likes & upvotes in the platform
  • Donations
  • Commits to LiskHQ
  • Moderators of the
  • Share rewards
  • Ambassadors
  • Marketing events
  • Public nodes
  • Snapshot server
  • Long time investors and big wallets. And more factors that will come out by the community...

Which is a sum of:

  • Every application has a score of 100 points
  • Every donated Lisk is * 0.01
  • Ambassador for Lisk + 70
  • Moderator of the + 70
  • Having a public node + 10
  • Hosting a Snapshot server + 40
  • Github commits + 1 per commit
  • Upvotes + 1 per upvote
  • Marketing 50 per event
  • Share rewards * 2


Add in the score:

[ ] Long time investors and big wallets.


APIs are available for getting more detailed information about the delegates and the resources. Example of endpoints:

Available delegates Returns the list of the available delegates in the platform. Sorted by coolness_score

Delegate profile Returns the detailed information about the delegate, available on the platform.

Available resources Returns the list of the available resources in the platform.

Resource profile Returns the resource.

Commits to LiskHQ Returns the list of the repos from LiskHQ with the commits count of every contributor.

For a deeper insight, please have a look to the backend repository.


Suggest changes?

Open an issue on this repo :)

I have an idea and I want to contribute to LiskHunt.

This is awesome, feel free to propose your changes about LiskHunt on Github. We would be so proud of you! Please follow the guideline.


You can get in touch with carbonara on the or by email carbonara [at]

Donations ❤️:

If you want to support the development of this and many more resources for the Lisk ecosystem, please consider a donation to:


Brought to you with love by carbonara and endro.

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