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;;; -*- Base: 10; Package: X-SCREEN; Mode: LISP; Syntax: Common-lisp; Lowercase: T -*-
; New console command for Genera 8.3:
; Set X Keyboard Mapping <screen> <mapping>
; Cobbled together from source code found on the Internet
; Below from x-console.lisp.~46~
;;New method to set the keyboard layout type after the console has already been
(defmethod (console-set-keyboard-type x-console) (&optional
(layout-type (keyboard-layout-type))
(offset (second (multiple-value-list (keyboard-layout-type)))))
(setf (sys:keyboard-layout-type cli::keyboard) layout-type)
(when offset (setq keycode-offset offset))
(x-console-update-keyboard-mapping self)
; Below from x-program.lisp.~23~
(defun keyboard-signature-name-p (x)
(cl::member x *keyboard-signatures* :key #'keyboard-signature-name))
(cp:define-command (com-set-x-keyboard-mapping :command-table "User")
((screen 'x-screen
:default (default-x-screen)
:provide-default (default-x-screen)
:display-default (default-x-screen)
:documentation "The X screen to use for the mapping.")
(keyboard-signature-type `((member ,@(loop for x in *keyboard-signatures*
collect (keyboard-signature-name x)))
:documentation "Keyboard signature type"))
(console-set-keyboard-type (send screen :console) keyboard-signature-type))